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(nautical) a line that holds an object (especially a boat) in place


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Even so, the offshore industry has experienced numerous unexpected mooring line failures in recent years that, in a small number of cases, have resulted in mooring system failure.
Rhyl and Flint Coastguard teams and Rhyl RNLI worked together to assist the owner of a small motor cruiser which had broken its mooring line and was drifting upstream from the Blue Bridge in Rhyl harbour, just after noon.
1) for the coupled dynamic analysis includes the formulation of a nonlinear stiffness matrix allowing for mooring line tension fluctuations subjected to variable buoyancy as well as structural and environmental nonlinearities.
configuration of the mooring line winches and hawseholes (fairleads) on the ship;
The facility has a mooring line of more than 800 metres and a rail terminal.
The windscreen will reduce the mooring loads and number of mooring lines and will allow the operator to continue loading and unloading operations under high wind speed conditions.
Three experiments were conducted in the northern Gulf of Alaska using tags placed on 1) Pacific halibut in outdoor aquaria, 2) a fixed mooring line at various depths and 3) wild Pacific halibut.
A FISHERMAN had a lucky escape after a "suicidal" sperm whale got tangled on his mooring line.
They moved four survivors using this method, until the mooring line on the liferaft snapped, sending the raft adrift.
An anchor on the seafloor to a floating vessel or platform connects a mooring line.
The fully coupled integrated spar mooring line system has been implemented in this research.
Reaching to the seafloor below each buoy is a remarkably engineered mooring line that can stretch to two and a half times its length without breaking in stormy, 30- foot seas--and, at the same time, can keep its underwater listening device still enough to detect whale calls.
John Crummie, UK managing director for DFDS, said: "Due to exceptionally adverse weather conditions, strong winds enabled the King of Scandinavia to slip its mooring line and berth, causing the vessel to collide with a decommissioned oil rig.
A Sailor heaves a mooring line as USS Mitscher (DDG 57) prepares to moor pierside at Naval Station Norfolk after a six-month deployment in support of Partnership of the Americas.