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black gallinule that inhabits ponds and lakes

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Moorhen feeding a chick in Queen's Park, Loughborough, by Colin Barsby.
Songs downloaded from sound banks, correspond to five native species of the Bogota wetlands: the Bogota moorhen (Rallus semiplumbeus), the swamp wren (Cistothorus apolinari), the silvery-throated spinetail (Synallaxis subpudica), green beak moorhen (Gallinula melanops bogotensis), the Bogota nunbird (Chrysomus icterocephalus bogotensis).
The lake drying out, because it has no liner and has clay and gravel beneath the silt, also affects the local waterfowl which comprises a pair of breeding mute swans as well as mallard, coot and moorhen.
Among the birds seen were the spot-billed pelican, spotted greenshank, spoonbill sandpiper, black necked stork, white ibis, flamingos, painted stork Night Herons, Pond Herons, Grey Herons, White Ibis, Pintails, Shavellers, Billed Ducks, Garganeys, Common Moorhen, Purple Moorhens, Coots, Little Egrets and Cattle Egrets.
The IPCC lists a few examples among thousands of endemic island dwellers facing likely extinction unless we can get a handle on greenhouse gas emissions in short order: the Tuamotu sandpiper of Tuamotu Island, the Bristle-thighed Curlew of French Polynesia, the Manus fantail of Papua New Guinea, the lorikeet and rail of New Caledonia, the moorhen and Savai'i of Samoa, the Santo Mountain starling on Espiritu Santo, penguins in the Galapagos, petrels in Bermuda and seabird colonies from the Kerguelen, Crozet and outer Hawaiian islands, among others.
IF a duck or moorhen disappears with no more than a startled squawk, you can bet your best wellies a big catfish is eating its supper.
In another essay, Dunne imagines the "perfect bird": with the size of a turkey, the wingspan of an eagle, the legs of a crane, the feet of a moorhen, and the talons of a great horned owl.
As usual a water fight ensued, with pond weed and mud balls thrown - all closely watched by a moorhen who never moved off her eggs.
Moorhen PIC: DEREK MOORE THE final flurry of fieldwork is underway to complete a Europe-wide bid to plot the distribution of all the continent's breeding birds.
Breeding birds include Night-heron, Cotton teal, Pheasant tailed jacana, Purple Moorhen, besides some passerines.
Top species reported were mallard, swan, moorhen, heron, coot, mink, dragonflies, water vole and kingfishers.
This publicity hungry scribe looked a bit like that Orangutan which saved the little moorhen chick in Dublin Zoo.
SIRHOWY AS visited Hillview Fishery at Tewkesbury, where EbbwVale gas engineer Larry Salter took first prize with a 48lb net of carp from Moorhen Lake.
These shy birds, relatives of the moorhen, spend most of their time hidden away in reeds and dense waterside vegetation.