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Lead Grossing Prime Lambs PS121 PS120 PS119 PS114 Emma Moorcock.
In the 1969 novel Behold the Man, author Michael Moorcock imagines an ill-at-ease protagonist who, discontent with his modern life, goes back to first-century Judaea to look for Jesus but increasingly assumes the role himself.
Ballard and Michael Moorcock in the 1960s (unless the satires of Aldous Huxley and George Orwell be counted).
Wells, Michael Moorcock on Jules Verne, and film adaptations of Wells.
In an attack on The Lord of the Rings the left-wing writer Michael Moorcock claimed that it celebrated insularity:
As a young teenager, it was science fiction, such as Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, Dick and Moorcock.
Through my wife's friendship with the novelist Hilary Bailey and her then husband, the science fiction writer Michael Moorcock, we became friendly with Mervyn Peake and his wife Maeve.
The Making of London covers eight chapters discussing the works of Maureen Duffy, Michael Moorcock, J.
The gothic imagination, from Blake to Dickens, to Elisabeth Bowen, Michael Moorcock, Peter Ackroyd and Iain Sinclair, has played an important role in exploring the hidden layers of meaning embedded in the city's fabric, haunting its memoryscape with spectral presences that speak tragically and sometimes scandalously of those who arrived thinking its streets were paved with gold, only to discover it was the graveyard of their hopes and dreams.
With his phantasmagoria of swamp-dwelling kappas (a rural, mythical monster) infesting the Tokyo sewers, an underground underworld of gangsters and gumshoes, Italian meals with Japanese ingredients, Bach and Bob Dylan on the tapedeck, Zen puzzles and Zeno's paradoxes, strong overtone of Moorcock and Tolkien, trademarked cars and shaving-foam, the occasional break for a drink and a cigarette, and an end in exhausted slumber and total oblivion, Murakami goes a long way towards the truth of the matter.
Mervyn Peake may be best celebrated for his epic Gormenghast series and his illustrations of Treasure Island and Alice in Wonderland, but his work with Michael Moorcock in THE SUNDAY BOOKS offers stories of pirates, shipwrecks and more and comes with fine drawings.
Tolkien, and Michael Moorcock, as well as traditional legends and epics.
Heinlein, Frank Herbert, John Barth, and Michael Moorcock, not so much as writers associated with any "waves" but as among writers engaging in significant ways with the messianic tropes common in the 1960s.
This goes back to the case of The Moorcock (4) in which the crucial passage reads: