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Synonyms for moorage

a fee for mooring

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a place where a craft can be made fast

the act of securing an arriving vessel with ropes

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The couple, who did not return a phone call from The Register-Guard on Wednesday, fell behind more than $3,000 in moorage fees.
Phase 2 is in the design stages and includes repairs and improvements to a cellular sheet pile dock, expansion and widening of the travel lift dock, and a new heavy-duty moorage float.
Port of Bellingham facilities are an ideal base for commercial fishermen with competitive moorage rates, exceptional infrastructure, comprehensive marine goods and services, and close proximity to prime fishing grounds in Southeast Alaska, Puget Sound, and the waters off the Pacific Northwest.
A speed of seven knots should also be observed when passing within 50 metres of any boat moorage, diving platform, loading dock, ship moorage or when passing through an anchoring area of small marine vessels.
Jones Valley Resort operates a luxury houseboat rental marina that also provides small boat rentals, vessel repair and private moorage.
Racers making sure they don't miss out have already snapped up most of the spots at the popular moorage.
Now Chevron has commenced dredging the bed of Burrard Inlet near their tanker moorage facilities," said Chief George.
Director-General of the Jordan Maritime Authority, Mu'atasim al-Sakit said that the captain of "Sour" ship asked the port's staff to readjust the ship's moorage but after 15 minutes the radar operator discovered that the ship's onboard tracking device had been shut off.
Gate 10, $57,000 for replacement of timber on floating moorage system.
However, we note that this growth resulted from PTP starting to load oil products on leased moorage in 2011.
Any docks, moorage or related infrastructure will also be very carefully designated and designed to avoid impacts to natural habitat,' he added.
It's not recommended for long-term moorage or anchoring in close quarters, as near a bridge; only temporary positioning on open water.
Regarding the landing, if the frigates tow too much water to enter the havens or the rivers on which the forts may be located, the cutters will at least reach the moorage of these ships of the English company, which ordinarily weigh three hundred tons: they will be strong enough to remove them, in order to protect the landing.
Reduce speed through all anchorage and moorage areas.