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  • adj

Synonyms for moony

given to daydreams or reverie

Synonyms for moony

lighted by moonlight


dreamy in mood or nature

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Endless Love'' PG-13 -- This one may just seem endless to older teens, for while the story centers on newly graduated high-schoolers, it is younger teen girls who may respond to -- and even shed a tear at -- the moony, music-montage-y epic that is ''Endless Love.
Imbibing creation low in its drawers too many loose e's for one moony draft horizontal sectional seasonal backing around the poems go to town but slide and shy so very at the least can't be easy shipping that stillness encoded fallowness snapping the corners swapping the others the sheet holds even on cold inquiry I have no idea thoughts crack windows gone flung crazy elegant and yell yell this is the wall to Hades my stuck caprice lessons in livingroom and kitchenware used to do now frosted with dust crossed-out chuff I light your harbor said Apollinaire I couldn't even hoist a chair
GOOD CAUSE: Forbes Duff (Liverpool FC) and Henry Moony Picture: JASON ROBERTS
JUNE IS A MOONY SORT OF MONTH, well suited to the plighting of troths (What a wonderfully antique way of saying I'm all yours, darling
EAST END AC (19 rods; seven weighed in): 1 Les Henzell (three fish, 3lb 3oz inc HSF 1lb 4oz), 2 Terrance Moony (two fish, 1lb 14oz), 3 Bob Maughan (two fish, 1lb 4oz).
WE RAISED PS600 FOR AUTISM AWARENESS: Fidz, Moony and Henry (zyhud010513Autism-8)
In the book's climax, Obama receives a stack of his late father's papers, then launches into a moony imagining of the man he barely knew as a little lost boy.
It joins a moony menagerie that includes (comparatively) enormous Charon, the satellites Nix and Hydra, and the moon still known as P4, discovered last year by Showalter.
Relevantly, in plate 2 of Milton (1-5, E 96) Blake affirms that the compassionate moony Daughters of Beulah in "soft sexual delusions" appease the "wanderer" in his "burning thirst & freezing hunger"--ironically allusive to Book Ten of Paradise Lost (548-70), in which Milton's unforgiving God provides Apples of Sodom to Satan's serpentine hosts, devils "parc .
Moony said, "OK, everyone, you have exactly 60 seconds to shout out your new fund-raiser ideas
And at the Fair people walk and eat, lap up against each other, wave the paper napkins stained with four kinds of grease across their moony faces, work their way around fried solids stuck on sticks as they circle each other and circle the animals parading in the show rings and pacing in the paddocks and pens.
I can get as moony as anyone about vintage Colts, Marlins, Savages, Smith & Wessons and Winchesters.
She considered him, framed by the thickly flowered catalpa, an evening primrose blooming moony at his knee.