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a kind of dance step in which the dancer seems to be sliding on the spot

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an exploratory walk by an astronaut on the surface of the moon

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To mark its proud association with one of mankind's greatest adventures, Swiss watchmaker OMEGA brought four of the surviving Moonwalkers together along with some of the other luminaries from NASA's Apollo program.
They all had this boyhood dream of being like Buck Rogers at a time when the word 'astronaut' hadn't even been invented," Roth said of the moonwalkers.
BRA-VO: Moonwalkers including TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, pictured above centre, did their bit for charity
As if reading my mind, Fiona Fraser, a Moonwalker from Perth, suddenly overtook me and said: "We're all off our heads, aren't we?
Moonwalkers from a Middlesbrough school are in training to raise funds for breast cancer care.
Among those astronauts participating are Mercury Astronauts John Glenn and Wally Schirra; Moonwalkers, Edgar Mitchell and Charles Duke; first space shuttle pilot Robert Crippen; and Skylab Astronauts Owen Garriott and Paul Weitz.
Moonwalkers, space program workers and hundreds of others began gathering for the Apollo 11 anniversary festivities on Friday morning.
A SOME of the most sought-after autographs of the late 20th Century are those of the Moonwalkers and Apollo crews.
Now he's trying astronaut training and meeting real moonwalkers.
A PAIR of Teesside moonwalkers raised more than pounds 1,000 for cancer research, during a midnight marathon.
There were only 12 moonwalkers, so they're pretty special.
The two moonwalkers ventured no farther than 275 yards from their spaceship and spent only 2 hours, 15 minutes walking on the moon.
Buzz Aldrin, whose image is famous from the historic Apollo 11 photographs of the first Moonwalkers, will discuss his ShareSpace Foundation.
fundraisers Moonwalkers from Colne Valley Ladies' Circle were (from left) Lynn Dare, Julie Clayton, Lara Dare and Kathy Roche park and walkThe Playtex Moonwalk centre in Hyde Park
She will be following in the illustrious footsteps of celebrity moonwalkers Gail Porter, Lorraine Kelly and Victoria Wood.