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Synonyms for moonshine

Synonyms for moonshine

whiskey illegally distilled from a corn mash

distill (alcohol) illegally

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At first glance, it is a straightforward romp down the back roads, swamps, and dive bars of cinema, a book of moonshiners, fast women, fistfights, and red-necked sheriffs.
NASCAR has come a long way from its roots as a competition among moonshiners who souped up their cars to outrun the dreaded revenuers.
I was working on a story for All About Beer about people illegally brewing their own beer in Japan--the title was 'Land of the Rising Moonshiners.
litigants, revenue agents from local moonshiners, unpopular
Also in the show are a four-piece Dixieland combo, the "Canadian Moonshiners," a hillbilly band, a dancing team, a pair of classical violinists and three vocalists.
However, more sophisticated distilling operations using bottled gas that leaves none of the tell-tale signs of turf smoke may also be making moonshiners more difficult to detect.
We have no indoor plumbing and get our water from a year-round spring--the best water in the county according to some of the old, retired moonshiners.
Here, a litre and a half of raw alcohol sells for about pounds 25 and moonshiners - including Brits - can make as much as pounds 2,000 a week making it, but risk public floggings if they are caught.
government official to chase Appalachian moonshiners up hills and down hollers in a race known to history as the Whiskey Rebellion.
During field work, soil scientists encountered angry bulls, bears, rattlers, desperadoes and moonshiners.
Frank George, worked for the Revenue Service, and when he investigated the local moonshiners a little too closely, they murdered him.
In steps Bruce Willis as the mysterious vigilante who blows rival gangs of moonshiners away in Last Man Standing (15).
If these remote mountains were safe enough for moonshiners, she said, they were safe enough her her.
In eastern Kentucky you can tell where the moonshiners grew their corn in the woods-stands of tulip poplar rise up where the corn patches used to be.
Some sites are inviting to all types of individuals, from naturalists, hikers, and picnickers to thieves, poachers, moonshiners, and most recently those looking for a remote place to grow drugs.