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Synonyms for moonshiner

someone who makes or sells illegal liquor

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It seems unlikely that the local Baptist preacher and the moonshiners meet in someone's parlor to discuss banning Sunday sales.
Please Don't is dark, while opener Crush In The Ghetto is gloriously upbeat and Moonshiner is a gentle waltz.
Perhaps if we'd looked around, we would have found the remains of an old moonshiner.
Then, Iraq started behaving like a startled and heavily armed moonshiner, cornered at his still and mad at the world.
James Cromwell (who endeared himself to audiences with his performance as the farmer in Babe) plays Grandpa, a moonshiner by trade and a philosopher who "sees the world through Cherokee eyes.
The apparatus may be too simple and ugly for a moonshiner to admire, but we love her still.
A beloved craft whiskey, Clyde May's was first distilled in small batches in the 1940s by famed moonshiner Clyde May.
Inspired by the Appalachian legend of 19th century moonshiner Buck O'Hairen, who once sold a “morning fixer” called Sunshine from a traveling wagon, Sunshine Beverages, LLC was formed in late 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs in Winston-Salem.
Although where I grew up borders the area where "Minnesota 13," an illegal corn liquor that was widely consumed in speakeasies during the Prohibition era, was made, I didn't learn that getaway driving move from a former moonshiner or moonshiner's kid.
Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta offered the Appalachian Moonshiner, $12, created with local peaches, pecans, honey from their own beehive, bacon and moonshine served up in a Mason jar.
And in all of his seeming innocence, he accepted the moonshiner (probably a regular feature of life back then), only to find out it was a corrupt man he was making friends with.
The stereotypical impression of a person who produces moonshine - a moonshiner - is that of a back-country mountain man with a hole in his hat and a gun strapped to his back tending to his illegal still under the cover of darkness.
But that does nothing to stem his emotion, so he heads for the local moonshiner, a white man, in order to get drunk.
So Lyle takes to hanging out with the wily old camp moonshiner and blowing jazz on his sax, while older brother Lane ("Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo Drift's" Leonardo Nam) eventually signs up with the 442nd.
99) Carefully selecting those elements of the textile town base that will most appeal to potential funders as well as its white stakeholders, the heritage movement artfully reconnects once-scorned mill-villages to the essence of today's all-American South: "Remember," offered an instruction sheet at the Kannapolis convention, "there would be no NASCAR today without that beaten track from moonshiner to mill hill via that fast driving bootlegger.