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a person who holds a second job (usually after hours)

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Moonlighter was a first hunter chase winner for Geoff Barfoot-Saunt, although he pointed out that he had ridden chase winners in Australia.
Figure 2 shows a situation of non-constrained moonlighter.
It took him years of work to develop a reputation as more than a moonlighter, an image that finally began to dissipate with his supporting roles as Sean Parker in Fincher's "The Social Network," and as a guileless folk singer in the Coen brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis.
His first feature-length film, "Diary of a Moonlighter," was produced in 1976 and aired on the PBS series P.
The five episodes - Jobs For The Boys, Moonlighter, Shop Thy Neighbour, Yosser's Story and George's Last Ride - told the stories of former members of a tarmaclaying gang: Chrissie Todd (Michael Angelis); Loggo Lomond (Alan Igbon); Dixie Dean (Tom Georgeson); Yosser Hughes (Bernard Hill) and George Malone (the late Peter Kerrigan).
Some examples of these terms are given below: dead-end jobs--neperspektyvus darbas; predatory pricing--grobuoniskasis kainu nustatymas; beggar-my-neighbour policy--kaimynu nuskurdinimo politika; lump-sum taxes--kartiniai mokesciai; insider trading--nelegalusis sanderis; shell company--neveikiancioji bendrove; moonlighter --papildomai dirbantis zmogus; blue chips--labai patikimos dideles kompanijos; junk bond--nepatikima obligacija, teikianti dideles palukanas; black economy--seseline ekonomika; infant industry--jauna pramones saka; sunk costs--negriztamosios islaidos; shark repellent --bendroves siulymas parduoti kontroliniu akciju paketa; golden parachute--auksinis parasiutas, etc.
Ridiculous Ronnie left Walford in the traditional three-miles-anhour taxi driven by Alfie Moonlighter, who also dressed as a woman to sell frocks in the market.
As well as Tracey, who rode riding Diamond Pantera, the team included Charlotte Hinchliffe from Sheffield riding Treliver Diorissimo, Laura Steel from York riding Moonlighter and Cara Shardlow from Scarborough.
Tired of splinters and turpentine, I finally bought a decent pushpole, a second-hand fiberglass Moonlighter.
LIGHT SAVERS: John Cullen''s Spiked Spot light, pounds 76, and Moonlighter, pounds 151, which shines upwards.
Thus the overall labour force comprises a small proportion of these occupations but moonlighter are more concentrated in these categories.
It is highly probable that the policy of the employer does not provide coverage for the liability exposures of the moonlighter.
The income was very good, even for a lowly moonlighter, and there seemed to be genuine camaraderie among the radiology group members.
The FT and PT moonlighter groups consisted entirely of employees working in other FT and PT jobs, respectively.
Julie is not the only moonlighter in a Scotland set-up which boasts postwomen, social workers, office staff as well as fellow teachers.