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1), provoked by Mooncalf, almost immediately implicate him as an unwitting accessory in Edgeworth's theft of a purse belonging to the oblivious Bartholomew Cokes.
Isn't there a sensible woman - probably a farmer's daughter in his rural Welsh constituency - who can bring the mooncalf Member down to earth?
Coming upon a dead metaphor, lying on the ground like a thunderstruck mooncalf, most literary critics--it is in our training and nature--will be apt to give it at least a gentle prod with the toe of a boot.
Animals of literally all kinds are put together: the expected unicorns and dragons (the latter, evidently among the writer's favorites, are even carefully classified and divided into ten subspecies), the classical chimaera and sphinx and a would-be classical new entry such as the acromantula, animals deriving from local folk-lore such as the pixie, the mooncalf, the kelpie and the leprechaun, and a number of animals invented for the occasion: among the most notable instances we find the dugbog, the pogrebin, the bowtruckle, and the lobalug.
To them, Beethoven's sort of democratic nobility is a mooncalf fantasy that would exalt the presumptuous, resentful, and uncouth.
The surprise is not that such unmemorable titles as Janet March (1923), Runaway, This Mad Ideal (both 1925), and Diana Stair (1932) were unsuccessful but that his first, MoonCalf (1920), was such a hit.