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The Fuzzy Philosopher" (Oraculous Tales Volume 2) is a chapter book that takes the members of the Moo-Cow gang back through time to ancient Greece where they learn from philosophy teacher Socrates to "question everything.
can be counted on to uphold tradition with Original Moo-Cow cocoa.
Baby tuckoo, moo-cow coming down the urban bohereen where Betty Byrne had her little sweet-shop and sold lemon platt .
It's the smell, the cheese, it's so good to look at" - he breaks off into a hearty London-accented chuckle - "It's a super show, a real show with horses and everything, moo-cows and people patting them, and farmers really showing off their wares.
Danaher the DRIP driver has chauffered me from one disaster to the next this summer, while poor Mrs Rolfe, the cleaning lady, has been in tears as I recalled the baby baa-lambs dying in my arms at Pirbright, or sticking my fingers into dykes in Worcestershire, asking the moo-cows in Essex to say "aah", and administering Lem-Sip to the collected fowl of Diss.