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We are continually striving to improve and create the best experience possible for our fans," said Monumental Network's Zach Leonsis.
Per the contract, Knight Construction will build a 1,750-feet wide barrier system about 700 feet upstream of the powerhouse and spillway to restrain vessels approaching Lower Monumental Dam.
Shrivastava, Chairman, NDMC that has assured as displaying of Tiranga is the pride for the nation, the Flag Foundation of India will bear all the expenses on upkeep and maintenance of Monumental Flagpole.
For two years, STAB conducted research in the field of Soviet monumental art, which resulted in the monumental mosaic map of Bishkek.
Fans then watched a match at the Monumental between the River reserves and their under-20 team, who are South American champions.
We need two monumental performances and two massive results," he said.
We've had many monumental performances this season - some really good home wins, some back-to-back clean sheets.
The next monumental construct in the artist's weather/nature series will be a multi-story anthropomorphized flower, titled "Vernal Equinox," anticipated to sprout at this site on or about the first day of spring, 2012.
From its monumental Roman base to the top of its newly restored Ottoman crown and its stones scarred by bullet holes, the Damascus Gate, the main gate into the Old City, has been witness to the comings and goings of centuries of conquering soldiers and rulers.
Syro-Hittite monumental art and the archaeology of performance; the stone reliefs at Carchemish and Zincirli in the earlier first millennium BCE.
I can remember a monumental sculptors' yard owned and worked by an old man, Irvin Mallinson - maybe the son of G Mallinson?
Summary: CAIRO -- Egypt's Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass revealed on Tuesday that the Ministry is boosting security around monumental sites which are targeted by thieves during popular protests, the official Middle East News Agency reported.
I don't know whether it is simply the monumental hypocrisy of the man who grovelled to the banks and praised them for their risk-taking, and himself for "light touch" regulation, or whether it's the monumental insult to imply that we don't remember the considerable role he played in bringing about the banking disaster.
THERE have been monumental THERE have been monumental scientific discoveries throughout the ages.
These sculptures complement Onondaga's public art collection and bring the total number of outdoor monumental sculptures on the Onondaga Community College campus to eleven.