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Synonyms for monstrosity

Synonyms for monstrosity

an unsightly object

a monstrous offense or evil

a person or animal that is abnormally formed


Synonyms for monstrosity

a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed

something hideous or frightful

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In January 2011, Erdoy-an, who was prime minister at the time, criticized Aksoy's statue, titled "Monument to Humanity," saying: "They put a monstrosity next to the tomb of [Muslim scholar] Hasan Harakani.
But this hierarchy has shown neither the realisation of how villainous is this monstrosity nor the vision on how to go about prostrating it.
I am absolutely horrified by the concrete monstrosity of an overhead pedestrian walkway under construction on the Limassol seashore, opposite the former GSO stadium (which was itself recently converted into a concrete monstrosity).
To dismiss all of Cardiff Bay as a monstrosity is a mistake.
Now the town's MP Kevan Jones said: "I firmly believe the only sensible option is to remove the arch, which has always been a monstrosity and which, in its current state of disrepair, is a real eyesore in the centre of town.
We have been given a choice of nine carefully selected names to choose from, no-one is going to dishonour Mo Mowlam's name by naming the monstrosity after her, so that eliminates two.
The first 12 essays explore the history of monstrosity in the Caribbean, early modern Europe, Africa, Ancient Greece and Rome, modern Japan, the Islamic visual tradition, and Mayan civilization, among others.
ON travelling south recently, I noticed a huge new monstrosity is rising from the ashes of the old huge monstrosity of Gateshead town centre.
You shouldn't see a monstrosity like that in the middle of the dunes.
In this book, Ecce Monstrum, Biles invites us to read Bataille again with a view to what he has to say about "the sacrifice of form" When form is sacrificed, there is monstrosity; and, we are told, the very concept of monstrosity is itself monstrous, being fraught with "contradictions, incompletions, and irrational effusions" (63).
But on balance I think I'd have preferred a Cloud rather than a thundering monstrosity.
The visual impact will be devastating, an unsightly monstrosity.
Protester Ralph Rea said: "They're trying to regenerate the area by putting this monstrosity on the river.
PLANS for a new nuclear power plant at Sellafield are a monstrosity, it was claimed yesterday.
After a brief introduction that offers an overview of Newitz's main thesis concerning the ways in which capitalism generates monstrosity, Pretend We're Dead divides up into five chapters grouped into three "clusters," each cluster addressing the ways in which economic forces structure our thinking and the stories we tell.