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Synonyms for monstera

any plant of the genus Monstera

tropical cylindrical fruit resembling a pinecone with pineapple-banana flavor

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The group has already installed a new turbine at its Morrum facility and two more are planned for startup next year at Monsteras and Varo.
There are several Swedish municipalities that have not benefited from having to remove the dots above the letters to be able to register a home page, sometimes the names can get entirely different meanings, such as the municipality of Monsteras, which with the dots means 'patterned ridge' but without the dots, the meaning changes to 'monster carcass'.
Johansson's past experience includes acting as the resident manager at Sodra Cell Forest Combine in Monsteras, Sweden, which included a 750,000 tonne per annum pulp mill.
The new investments include a SEK360m wind power park of 13 power plants in Slane, in the municipality of Varberg, and the building of a total of seven wind power plants at the Sodra Cell pulp plants in Morrum and Monsteras.
At SEK 50 million (US$ 6 million), the latest investment at Sodra Cell's Monsteras pulp mill on Sweden's southeast coast serves to illustrate the scale of improvements possible at relatively modest cost.
The upgrades at Monsteras will enable an increased use of biofuels at the facility.