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any plant of the genus Monstera

tropical cylindrical fruit resembling a pinecone with pineapple-banana flavor

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Miller invites us to look not at the familiar beast-men and humanoid monsters but at their vegetable counterparts: monstrous plants (though not the Monstera with which I began).
The perforated leaf blades of the "adult" foliage of many Monstera species (Fig.
Myriad gold-plated choices include the gingko double compartment serving bowl ($99), Monstera leaf centerpiece ($395) and Hosta serving bowl (medium, $289).
BIG ISLAND | Monstera, Kohala Coast This place does traditional Asian cuisine spot-on, and has a cult following for its heavenly bonito broth udon, rich with tempura vegetables and shrimp.
tropical for the following black florist tie, monstera, snakegrass, dracaena, variegated aspidistra.
Some rain had begun to fall, but soon the rain became a stormy shower; we were obliged to look for a shelter under huge inclined trees and where some wide-leaved Malanga (Araceae) Monstera deliciosagrew, but with little success.
The flowers were an assortment of tropical and traditional that included green hydrangeas with large Green Goddess calla lilies, coral anthuriums, peach hypericum berries, peach upright heliconcias, and monstera leaves.
A dramatic, split-leafed Monstera plant and a white bathroom in hand- selected Carrera Statuario marble provide the final lush elements of this fresh, romantic retreat.
However, Callistophyton was certainly not a true root climber, like the species of the extant angiosperm genera Hedera (Schenck, 1892: 92-95) or Monstera (Madison, 1977), which are able to tie their stems firmly to a host medium with numerous shoot-borne roots.
Ficus trees and philodendron Monstera deliciosa hint at a tropical forest beyond the cultivated area.
STEP TWO Cut aralia leaf and monstera leaf, put in position.
The altar featured antique fretwork decorated with arrangements of large green calla lilies and monstera leaves flanked with candelabras.
Large individual specimens such as ficus benjamina, yucca elephantipes and monstera deliciosa all look very impressive but it is as important to choose a plant that fits the scale of the place chosen for it as it is to consider its natural preferences.
It's up to us to come up with a special packaging design, and this year we've wrapped all the gifts in muslin cloth and then topped the basket with a monstera leaf and spray of cymbidium orchids.