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an oxide containing just one atom of oxygen in the molecule

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By installing a carbon monoxide alarm and testing it regularly, we can all take a simple but important step in keeping our homes safe.
Snyder declaring October 18-24 as Carbon Monoxide Safety and Awareness Week in Michigan.
Sutton Police and Fire Departments and the state Department of Fire Services continue to investigate an incident last week at a home on McGuire Road where high carbon monoxide levels were detected.
The Global Nickel Monoxide Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global nickel monoxide industry.
It's estimated that more than 4,000 people in the UK attend A&E departments each year because of carbon monoxide poisoning, with at least 40 dying from it.
Appliances that use fossil fuel coal, gas, oil or wood can produce carbon monoxide, a difficult to detect colourless, odourless and tasteless gas which can cause sudden collapse, loss of consciousness and death.
All new solid fuel appliance installations must include a carbon monoxide detector but gas appliances and older stoves and fires do not require one by law.
Carbon monoxide poisoning can have a devastating effect and the more people are aware of the signs and symptoms, especially at the initial stages, the more chance we have of preventing avoidable deaths and injuries.
They found carbon monoxide diffused across single-layer gypsum wallboard, double-layer wallboard and painted, double-layer wallboard.
The most common symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning is a headache, but also dizziness and nausea, tiredness and confusion.
Her attack comes after Northern Ireland this week became the first UK region to make carbon monoxide alarms a legal requirement in all new homes.
A WOMAN whose family suffered the debilitating effects of carbon monoxide poisoning for more than a decade is urging Teessiders to make sure they don't fall victim.
LESS than one in two homes have carbon monoxide detectors, according to research carried out for the AA's Home Emergency Response service.
WE ARE pleased to hear that in this instance none of the family from Great Barr affected by carbon monoxide poisoning were killed (Mail, November 1).
ESEARCH has revealed that half of North West mums are without carbon monoxide alar ms.