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of a sequence or function



sounded or spoken in a tone unvarying in pitch

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2) If monotonic loading at the crosshead speed of 5 [micro]m/min is used in the first test, the stress in the second test at the deformation level above that introduced in the first test is independent of the applied strain used in the first test, and is identical to the stress value from a virgin specimen.
n]) of G is said to be a continuous monotonic decomposition (CMD) if each [G.
Figure 5a) shows the results of the AE signals registered in bending tests under monotonic loading for 1.
For the monotonic and low cycle symmetric torsion experiments the tubular shape specimens with t/d = 1/20 working part were used.
If, in addition, f is continuous at x = a, then it is called completely monotonic over [a, b), with similar definitions for (a, b] and [a, b].
The wear of the tool's cutting edge might be divided into three stages: initial, monotonic and emergency [5, 6, 13].
The quasi-static lap shear load-displacement curves of the CFRP to aluminum and aluminum to aluminum SPR joints are presented in Figure 3 for tests conducted in monotonic loading.
It is reported that the flow stress for the second step may exceed the monotonic strain-stress curve with a few stagnation, dependent on the angle change of orientation [7, 8, 9, 10, 11].
Based on the experimental tests, such as monotonic tension/compression, creep and stress relaxation tests, plenty of constitutive models have been developed for describing the monotonic deformation of polymeric materials, as done by Schapery [8, 9], Zapas and Crissman [10], Hasan and Boyce [11], Drozdov and Kalamkarov [12], Bardenhagen et al.
Contract notice: Procurement of a machine for monotonic and cyclic (fatigue) testing.
The selections that make up the main body of the text cover data clustering solutions, monotonic and non-monotonic infections on networks, variable neighborhood search for edge-ratio newtwork clustering, and a wide variety of related subjects.
Samples were subjected to monotonic and step-loading tests in 4-point bending while Acoustic Emission (AE) sensors attached to samples' surfaces monitored the damage initiation.
The model is used to explore the impact of corrosion on the nonlinear response of RC columns under monotonic and cyclic loading.
It has been a paragon of pluralism, and a sometimes discordant voice in the monotonic landscape of Welsh democracy.
In order to include environmental factors into the simulation model and examine two output scenarios, the projected future behaviour of two different estimates of future shrimp catch functions-named neutral climate change and monotonic increase of sea surface temperature (SST) scenarios-was included.
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