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Synonyms for monoploid

of a cell or organism having a single set of chromosomes

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larger than monoploid (lx) pollen grains (Quinn et al.
Mutations affecting quantitative traits in the selfed progeny of doubled monoploid maize stocks.
Production and evaluation of somatic hybrids derived from monoploid potato.
Aneuploid--An organism or cell which has a chromosome number other than an exact multiple of the monoploid or basic number; i.
Studies od the monoploid method of producing homozigous diploids in Zea mays.
Spontaneous doubling of the chromosome complement in monoploid sporophytes of maize.
They isolated a plant with a reduced phenotype from a stock derived from a doubled monoploid.
the genome of the basic monoploid analyzers] with or without a ployploid series or on a distinct combination of two or more haplomes, would be most reasonably classified as a genus in its own right and delimited on basis of morphological traits strictly connected with its genomic constitution.