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Synonyms for monophonic

designating sound transmission or recording or reproduction over a single channel

consisting of a single melodic line

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Over the major part of the century, the prevailingly Utraquist society above all required prints of music that could be sung by the "common people", that is, monophonic songs, whereas the more difficult-to-perform polyphony, supposed to be delivered by skilful singers, for a long time to come continued to be copied or, exceptionally, bought abroad (selected pieces by Europe-renowned composers).
The piece starts with a monophonic section with a solo trumpet playing in a very high register.
Their sung music (performed by Abohay Aminov, Rafael Badalbaev, and Rustam Khodjimamedov) evoked both cantorial (Sephardic and Ashkenazic) and imam/ezan Muslim vocal traditions, and their instrumental music showed both monophonic and polyphonic styles.
Additionally, in Section 6 we show that the problem is NP-complete also in the context of the monophonic convexity.
This paper proposes a matching engine for a practical QbSH system with polyphonic recordings like MP3 files as well as monophonic recordings like MIDI files.
One of many stand-out pieces on the recording is a soul-rending version of the mediaeval masterpiece Verbum caro factum est taken from Pia cantionnes, which is monophonic in the original manuscript.
Within this teleology, artworks must be treated as monophonic documents attesting to German painters' efforts to constitute their national identity.
11) Yet it is interesting that writers who did attune themselves to 1980s monophonic television afforded it a leading role in the audience experience.
To press the case for verbal sound in this genre taking precedence over verbal sense, Dillon explicates in turn each voice of Le premier jor/ Par un matin/ Je ne puis plus/ Iustus demonstrating their intelligibility as independent monophonic songs before revealing that, in fact, they constitute a single composition: three French-texted parts sounding simultaneously over a Latin-texted tenor.
The new version comes with a new synth called Analog modeled after legendary monophonic synths of the '70s.
Fresh from the wilds of Winnipeg, sociologist Erving Goffman noticed an unusual phenomenon in 1963, around the time Americans began deploying monophonic earphones in public as a distraction from their immediate surroundings.
There, after having chanted the monophonic Litany of Saints, the cardinals will place their hand on the Gospel and swear to observe absolute secrecy during and after the conclave.
Although limited to monophonic performances, the results convincingly demonstrate that CBR is a very powerful methodology to directly use the knowledge of a human performer that is implicit in her playing examples rather than trying to make this knowledge explicit by means of rules.
texture via monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic, or heterophonic interpretations; parallel linear motion; the addition of drones, rests
The indexing and cross referencing are extraordinary, offering an important resource for scholars and performers working with the medieval monophonic lyric and related polyphonic repertoires.