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having only one nucleus

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On the other hand, no arteriole showed any cuff of infiltrated mononucleate cells.
The in vitro study was conducted to investigate the effect of Peptan on the mononucleate cells that are responsible for bone formation (osteoblasts and osteoblasts) and the in vivo study was a more global study, aimed at understanding the effect of Peptan on the whole bone.
They are flattened, mononucleate cells which line bone.
Some fields may show binucleate cartilage cells, indicating a process of amitotic division, but most are monocellular and mononucleate.
In contrast, meiosis in monosporic species results in a surviving mononucleate megaspore that generally does not proceed rapidly into embryo sac development until the three other megaspores deteriorate.
Second are large, atypical epithelioid ganglion-like cells, which are often described as resembling Reed-Sternberg cells or virocytes and which can be mononucleate, binucleate, or sometimes multinucleate, with prominent large eosinophilic nucleoli, vesicular nuclei, occasional perinucleolar halos, and abundant amphophilic cytoplasm (Figure 1, C and D).