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10 Pleomorphic Adenoma is the most common benign tumor followed by Monomorphic Adenomas.
The primary differential diagnostic considerations within the basaloid neoplasm pattern include adenoid cystic carcinoma, monomorphic adenoma, and pleomorphic adenoma/ predominant basaloid appearance.
Daley TD: The use of the term monomorphic adenoma, basal cell adenoma and canalicular adenoma as applied to salivary gland tumors.
3,6,7 Since the CA and BCA have been determined to have distinct clinical and histopathological features,5,6,8-10 the term of monomorphic adenoma is revised.
7%) 3 (10%) Benign tumours Pleomorphic adenoma 66 27 Warthin's tumour 3 Monomorphic adenoma 2 Cystadenoma 1 Myoepithelioma 1 Subtotal 73 (75.