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a person suffering from monomania

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If you are interested in taking part in The Monomaniac, contact Joe Lang at joe@joelang.
Most of it is a long trudge past the unavoidable suspects: the monomaniac Delia Bacon, and men of such spacious minds as Mark Twain, Henry James, and Sigmund Freud, who for diverse reasons allowed themselves to be seduced by unreason.
When transferred to the political realm, such intemperate reasoning leads to tyranny: the solitary view of the monomaniac is imposed without any recognition of the different views of others, i.
While it would be obtuse not to concur with Ardila's claim that "those who search for metafictional levels, unreliable narrators, and good-natured monomaniac characters after 1615 are bound to find them in many works" (x), one may wonder ir this outright dismissal of such criteria for comparison might also limit the nearly ubiquitous profusion of theoretical perspectives emerging from considerations of picaresque fiction (like those based in a Bakhtinian conception of literary production) or gainsay the prolific number of speculations arising out of comparative methodologies that the essayists contributing to Parts III and IV of the book employ.
Reitman depicts Hofsess as a monomaniac, who commands the film's protagonist (Dan Goldberg) to pick up a boom pole and declares, "I can use you.
Why does Beckett have to be the monomaniac that Murphy clearly needs him to be?
Galinski's opponents, wrote Giordano, accused him of being "a monomaniac, overly sensitive to criticism, self-centered and conceited.
It is as though the ego were restored to its original position: it emerges from its monomaniac self-obsession and becomes once again the vehicle of the totality function.
Such a crew, so officered, seemed specially picked and packed by some infernal fatality to help him to his monomaniac revenge.
Considering that this self-confessed monomaniac used to spend hours on the phone with Ariel Sharon, the so-called "man of peace" who in a saner world would have been hauled to the Hague for war crimes, Saban's influence over the Democrats should be cause for concern, to say the least.
Interdependence and the corporate were the counter to what he called "the monomaniac rejection of the empirical church" by Hoekendijk and similar thinkers; "without the church there can be no evangelism or mission" remained his view.
In the essay "On People with One Idea," for instance, the monomaniac is shut away from "the wide world of common sense and argument" (viii.
It would also show that the monomaniac obsession with football is a fad and not a permanent state, and the nation's sporting view needn't be so narrowly focused.
Other approaches within this trend have been undertaken from historicist, social or gendered perspectives that, according to Cohen, have privileged anthropomorphic evaluations over the complex inner aesthetics of the films, consequently consolidating the dominant stereotyped canon of Hitchcock's works as merely propagandist, monomaniac or misogynist.
But Dostoevsky's portrayal of the interior workings of the mind of an antisocial monomaniac is razor sharp.