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an entertainer who performs alone

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playwright, actor and teaching artist Nilaja Sun; and controversial monologist Mike Daisey--about the relationship of their work to political and social activism.
Unlike the other two monologists, however, Ulysses, in his concluding address to the mariners, articulates his appetite for new experiences and new changes that will prolong his existence:
Sometimes potent, occasionally shrill material ranges from black monologist Shabaka's turn as a Klansman to Kate Rigg's "Rice, Rice Baby" rap screed against the "Suzie Wong" exoticizing of Asian-heritage women.
Monologist Mike Daisey, however, spins such a journey into If You See Something Say Something.
For HBO, perhaps, the street cred these series engender within the creative community offers its own currency, but the proliferation of such programs threatens to become more about self-obsession than entertainment--what the late monologist Spalding Gray called "creative narcissism.
Demonstrating nothing if not chutzpah, TCG executive director Teresa Eyring invited monologist and commentator Mike Daisey to Denver to perform his much-discussed show How Theater Failed America--which takes the nation's regional theatres to task for corporate regimentation, waste of resources, failure to support artists and similar malfeasance--for conference-goers who may not have caught it in Seattle, New York or elsewhere.
Protege of Milton Berle, wisecracking and hard-edged Brooklynite became a master of the quick one-liner with his urgent hometown accent, then found his new material as a monologist after iris wife persuaded him to forsake his native Manhattan, believing the suburban atmosphere of the Forest Hills area of Queens would provide a better environment for their children.
theatres, typically ignored--even by the popular monologist Mike Daisey in How Theatre Failed America, which ran Off Broadway through June 22--is the array of ensemble companies working across the country.
The body of actor and monologist Spalding Gray was found March 7 in the East River near Brooklyn.
Her days of obscurity have got to be numbered, as this young monologist breaks out of the box with a comically loaded, politically pointed and achingly poignant show about New York's yearning masses of immigrants--represented here by more than a dozen fully fleshed-out characters who bare their souls while airing their grievances at a poetry slam.
Visiting on a Tuesday afternoon, I find Dower and comic monologist Josh Kornbluth chatting.
Here Barbosa shows a more loquacious tendency, and he's lucky to have, in Johnson, an adroit monologist capable of making you attend to every word of a protracted mea culpa even as you cringe.
Columbus, a Steppenwolf artistic associate, peeled away all the characters except the eponymous three and inserted a singer and a monologist.
Dwight Culler, have proposed "something more positive, ameliorative, even uplifting" and "have given us Arnold the poet as humanist, Arnold as spokesman for the aesthetic temperament, Arnold the dramatic monologist ironically undermining the dramatized show of despair.