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Synonyms for monologue

Synonyms for monologue

a long utterance by one person (especially one that prevents others from participating in the conversation)

a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor

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In this other use, each candidate uses the connectors to try to evidence that the opponent's interventions do not obey the constraint of monologic completeness and are unsuitable for the negotiation process.
Unlike the centralization of voices in the monologic novel, the author of the polyphonic novel introduces the utterance in a way that arranges and intersects the voices of the text.
This study contends that Naipaul's writings are mainly monlogic focusing upon assimilation and homogeneity; a monologic contention in the word of Bakhtin leaving no space for heterogeneity and plurality that are necessary for the co-existence of various cultures in the contemporary globalised world.
By invoking the Holy of Holies, Bakhtin's distinction between monologic and dialogic authors implies a similar distinction between the Old Testament and New Testament Deities.
Here through the eyes and voice of Marlow, the reader witnesses Jim undergo a sort of monologic stage (which means he speaks to no one but to himself) of experiencing himself, and listens to Jim request outside others to give him an answer for his own self.
In contrast Maud's stylistic fragmentation, along with its theme of madness, indicates a breakdown of monologic unity.
One chief example of such open methodology can be found in the chapter examining the second chiasmus, that of "Time and Narrative," where Weinman's analysis of how the "interludes" sections work in The Waves develops by offering both a detailed examination of these specific parts (through the singling out of a set of "Imagic Themes" which are listed separately at the end of the book), and an analysis of how the interludes interact with the monologic parts, thus coming to represent less "the imposition of the novelist," but rather "the inherent tension between the cyclical directionlessness of time and the sequential character of narrative" which is "the epistemological condition for the experience of anything in language" (55).
Wawrzinek first deconstructs the concept of the sublime as a product of traditional masculine and imperialist modes of experience, which follow a Unitarian and monologic definition of the self.
While I clearly bring my own life curriculum to bear in the process of reflecting on the text and writing the review, it is nonetheless monologic.
In Problems of Dostoevsky's Poetics, Bakhtin distinguishes between forms of speech that seek to embody prior truth and persuade others of the validity of that truth--Bakhtin calls this the rhetorical or monologic speech genre--and forms of speech that emphasize responsivity and open communication with others in the joint pursuit of truth--Bakhtin usually calls this dialogism.
The parliamentary system forces political parties towards homogenization, creates mechanisms for intra-party discipline and imposes monologic patterns of thought upon the supporters of these parties.
Philip Bullock ("The Poet's Echo, the Composer's Voice: Monologic Verse or Dialogic Song?
In this new critical wave, particular attention was paid to the subversive and distorting qualities of the text: it was inscribed either in the tradition of Menippean satire--as an ironic assault on the dogmas of Western Cartesianism (Lanterns, Booker)--or as a paradigmatic proto-postmodernist metafiction deconstructing the monologic concept of authorship (Keith Hopper).
Fixed 'truth' is monologic, absolutist, totalitarian.
it constitutes a challenge to the authority of its target by 'refracting' its target's monologic voice and situating it in a dialogic context" (33).