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Antonyms for monolingual

a person who knows only one language

using or knowing only one language


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Language comprehension and processing in the brain work in two different ways for monolinguals and bilinguals.
Languages are among the top priorities and multilinguals tend to surpass monolinguals when it comes to the work force and getting a job.
Bilingual children, for example, outperform monolinguals when faced with problems containing conflicting or misleading cues, especially on conditions in which the demands for inhibitory control (the ability one has to deliberately inhibit dominant, automatic, or prepotent responses when it is necessary; Miyake et al.
We asked English and German monolinguals to watch a series of video clips that showed people walking, biking, running, or driving.
In Wales there was a stringent piece of research by Prof Virginia Gathercole who compared Welsh/ English bilingual and monolingual children.
Despite such aims, what has actually happened, he argues, is that bilingualism has been largely marginalised, such that we barely support any minority language development, we disconnect English as an additional language from a view of bilingualism, and we have inadvertently (perhaps) prioritised elite bilingualism for a privileged few through second language learning for presumed English-speaking monolinguals.
Whether they were born in a mixed marriage where parents spoke different languages, or they acquired a new language on immigration, bilingual children outperform their monolingual peers at schools, Dr Bak said.
There have not been many studies on hedging and boosting in research articles written by monolingual and bilingual EFL learners in one hand, and male and female EFL learners on the other hand.
The research team selected Hungarian sounds the participants had never heard before, and that neither resembled Spanish nor sounded like English, to establish a level playing field for monolinguals and bilinguals.
Combining behavioural measures from cognitive psychology with neuro-imaging methodologies (EEG and MEG) will provide new insights into time-course of brain region activation as monolinguals and bilinguals process language.
Compared to their monolingual peers, lifelong bilinguals also show different patterns of brain activity when making the switch, the study found.
So the vocabulary size is just one of the aspects where there will be a gap between a multilingual who knows a given language as one of a few languages and a monolingual who knows the culture related to that language in a more comprehensive way.
6) that many see separating DLLs from mainstream English-speakers are gaps in the linguistic readiness and cultural awareness of many monolinguals.
However, the study also found that bilinguals are slower to acquire vocabulary than are monolinguals, because bilinguals must divide their time between two languages while monolinguals focus on only one.
5 ms exhibit are equally variable, after that their variability increased with their length, but not as much as for monolinguals.