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Antonyms for monolingual

a person who knows only one language

using or knowing only one language


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They are not replaced solely because they are monolingually English.
A final descriptor of each of the participants relates to the way they raised their own children, whether bilingually or monolingually.
None of the classes observed was conducted monolingually.
Although at least some of its content could be used to inform policies in territories where indigenous or creole languages are used, its purpose is to present knowledge which refers directly to situations within our socio-linguistic context where society functions monolingually.
Studies have shown that immersion students--even when learning to read first in a foreign language, and even when learning all math or science in a new language--do as well as and sometimes better than monolingually educated students.
4) Court proceedings may be conducted monolingually if only one party appears or if both parties in the proceedings use the same language.
What they found was that "bilingually schooled students outperform comparable monolingually schooled students in academic achievement in all subjects, after 4-7 years of dual language schooling" [italics added] (Thomas & Collier, 2002, p.
The three language communities do not fully correspond to the three regions: Flanders is a monolingual region where all citizens are considered to speak Dutch, Wallonia is monolingually French-speaking apart from a small area where German is spoken, and the Brussels Capital Region is a bilingual region where both Dutch and French have the status of official languages, although its individual citizens are not considered as bilinguals but as members of either the Flemish or Francophone community.
More to his liking may be a defence of the council's website, which despite guarantees by the council to the contrary still operates monolingually.
But commitment of the latter in this regard is weaker, and the third generation winds up for the most part as monolingually anglophone.