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Antonyms for monolingual

a person who knows only one language

using or knowing only one language


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In general, the model reveals that larger durations are ever so slightly associated with bilingual speakers whereas shorter ones are associated with monolingual speakers.
Babies from monolingual families paid little attention to switches between French and English.
Furthermore, it suggests potential ways of accommodating the continued bilingual development of the students within the largely monolingual framework of the Ontario curriculum, ways that ensure the integrity of a community of gifted students and the inclusion of both monolingual and bilingual gifted students, and foster critical engagement with the two or more languages in the repertoire of bilingual gifted students.
In his longitudinal study of the acquisition of English by three monolingual children, Brown (1973) reported that the three children produced pre-nominal possessives from age 2;0, although the inflection 's was missing (e.
In particular, this study compares the perceptions of ELLs (Latinos) to monolingual (white) learners.
Lesser and his associates of 121 English-speaking Hispanics and 74 Spanish-speaking, monolingual Hispanic patients in the STAR*D trial found that the monolingual Spanish-speaking patients were older, less educated, and poorer; they were also treated more often in primary care clinics rather than by mental health specialists.
The informants came from monolingual families (70% Russian) and from bilingual families (30% Estonian and Russian).
The researchers determined that the mean age of onset of dementia symptoms in the monolingual group was 71.
In this paper, we explore the use of foreign languages in qualitative interviewing, an issue previously treated as a mere technical consideration and largely neglected in the monolingual, English-dominated environment of international business research.
In this respect, the study reported in Part 2 may help to provide some explanation for third language development, as it dealt with monolingual and bilingual learners of English as a foreign and as a third language.
This study aims to enhance our understanding of this issue by identifying the similarities and differences in cognitive and metacognitive skills employed by monolingual native English speakers and bilingual English learners at the elementary school level.
The report, commissioned by the British Council campaign group, says monolingual English graduates "face a bleak economic future" as multilingual competitors flood into the workforce from all corners of the globe.
Brain scans showed they had an increased cortical thickness and higher-density gray matter than their monolingual counterparts, which is significant because people with Alzheimer's tend to show the opposite trend.
USA], Nov 1 (ANI): Preschoolers who speak two languages show less impulsiveness than their monolingual peers, a recent study has suggested.