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having only one wife at a time

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rufipes nests built near each other, and verify genetic evidence of monogyny, since this species displays worker polymorphism and soldier caste aggression typical of monogyny ants (BUENO; CAMPOS-FARINHA, 1999; LAMON; TOPOFF, 1981).
Catholic, and Hindu countries, respectively), monogyny or polygyny,
Monogyny and polygyny in Formica ants: the result of alternative dispersal tactics.
Monogyny and polygyny in ponerine ants with or without queens, pp.
a/a] queens in polygyne nests containing any number of reproductive queens further suggests that monogyny and polygyny in S.
monogyny or polygyny) was not determined for all sites, polygyny was present at 64% of the 114 sites where it was assessed, with an average of 50.
This strict monogyny is unusual for the genus Myrmica (compare to Elmes and Keller's (1993) review of studies of queen number in several European Myrmica species).