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asexual reproduction by the production and release of spores

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Some new monogenetic trematodes from the gizzard shad, Dorosoma cepedianum (La Sueur).
In a truly monogenetic human population, "sexual liaisons" between members of the same family become the unavoidable rule, however remote the relations between the family members may be.
In the past decade, neuropathologists have come to understand that the protein [alpha]-synuclein plays a key role in a rare monogenetic form of parkinsonism, and that [alpha]-synuclein is a major component of Lewy bodies, not just in Parkinson's disease but in all Lewy body diseases.
This fundamentally evolutionist theory is based on the presumption of monogenetic as opposed to polygenetic invention.
Creolists widely agree on the fact that Papiamentu is based on an Afro-Portuguese Pidgin (or Creole; monogenetic approach), which was modified, restructured, and expanded according to the particular linguistic conditions of the islands (polygenetic features).
In the early days of gene therapy, the primary purpose was to develop therapies that would cure monogenetic diseases.
Rather generously, Lennon argues that the deeply flawed and generally dismissed philological scholarship of Charles Vallancey and his school may be interpreted as a necessary bridge between the monogenetic Hebrew and the Indo-European inter-lingual paradigms.
faiths, are heavily invested in a monogenetic account of cultural
Fifty-two percent of the fish hosts were infected with a total of 757 monogenetic trematodes representing four genera: Oncholeidus, Haploocleidus, Cleidodiscus, and Pterocleidus.
Clevelandia ics is parasitized by the monogenetic trematode Gyrodactylus perforatus (Mizelle and Kritsky 1967).
Clarke's interests embraced all the topics of concern to his contemporaries and he mused on subjects such as the degree of civilisation of the different peoples he had encountered, the monogenetic (or polygenetic) origins of all people on earth, and the degree of technological progress enjoyed in European cities.
For the lower the likelihood of a new language arising ex nihilo in a human, the greater the likelihood that all languages have a single origin, since the single-origin hypothesis would require only a single occurrence of what I would like to call the "Dumbo factor," that is, in the case of language the recognition on the part of a member of the species that communication by language is possible and the practical realization of this means of communication, However, nothing in this paper will come even close to deciding between monogenetic and polygenetic origins of human languages.
calls monogenetic, the principle of creation is symbolically masculine.
The prospect of routine genetic diagnostics for a wide variety of diseases ranging from rare monogenetic afflictions (for example, Tay-Sachs) to common polygenic diseases (for example, many cancers) have attracted the attention of commercial testing laboratories and venture capitalists.
The volume incorporates 4,883 citations on studies on the monogenetic trematodes which updates a 1969 compilation and four subsequent supplements.