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asexual reproduction by the production and release of spores

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Suydam EL (1971) The micro - ecology of three species of monogenetic trematode of fishes from the Beaufort Cape Haheras area.
Monogenetic, behind-the-front volcanism in Southeastern Guatemala and Western El Salvador: [.
The subduction of the North American plate by the Rivera and Cocos plates generates seismic and volcanic activity in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, where the monogenetic volcanoes predominate, said Marie Noelle Guilbaud, professor of the Geophysics Institute at Mexico's National Autonomous University (UNAM).
The proliferation of the lining epithelium may be relevant to the severe irritation caused by attachment and feeding activities of monogenetic trematodes on fish tissues in conformity with similar cases (Dezfuli et al.
Monogenetic Basaltic Volcanoes: Genetic Classification, Growth, Geomorphology and Degradation, In: Nemeth, K.
Thalassemia is one of the major monogenetic single-gene disorders globally and it was the first disease studied by using techniques of molecular biology.
Numerical recognition of alignments in monogenetic volcanic areas: examples from the Michoacan-Guanajuato Volcanic Field in Mexico and Calatrava in Spain.
In Chapter 1, "Critical Review of the Literature on the Origins of Papiamentu," a number of competing hypotheses are discarded: (a) a Spanish-based origin; (b) a "global" Portuguese Pidgin monogenetic approach, claiming a shared origin for Papiamentu, Saramaccan, and Palenquero and all African Portuguese-based Creoles; and (c) a Brazilian origin and transfer to Curasao through the Sephardic refugees from Brazil.
Ambroise Wonkam is a medical geneticist trained at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, whose research interest is reflected in more than 70 publications with a focus on monogenetic diseases of people of African descent.
Genetic etiologies of obesity were divided into monogenetic (rare) and polygenetic (much more common).
The Podhorni vrch Hill is an erosional remnant of a monogenetic volcano.
Topics of the other ten papers include avalanche deposits at Volcan Baru in Panama, hazards at the Sierra Chichinautzin monogenetic volcanic field, and estimation of tephra fall and lahar potential at Hudson volcano.
Using 3D geometrical modelling, we've shown it is also possible to obtain volume estimates for different deposits of a prehistoric, monogenetic volcanic centre.
These choices can include early prenatal diagnostic testing with or without pregnancy termination, use of donor gametes or election not to conceive their own child, or preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), wherein a monogenetic disorder is diagnosed using only a few cells from the developing zygote.