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asexual reproduction by the production and release of spores

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But the defense of monogenesis, so central to Kidd's arguments, was equally pronounced among Catholic theologians, and Church punishments for pre-Adamite heresies were also severe.
While dramatizing the consequences of slavery's genealogical disruptions, the incest plot also acknowledges a broader conceptual problem entailed in the advocacy of monogenesis as a viable alternative to nineteenth-century deterministic racialism and a reconciliation of the post-Reconstruction racial divide.
Kidd's point is a good one, well made: the "Protestant" enlightenment was far more conservative than the French one, which, in terms of biblical scholarship, meant more prone to defend monogenesis and the essential racial unity of mankind.
For a critical and thorough review (as of 1975), see James Stayer, Werner Packull and Klaus Deppermann, "From Monogenesis to Polygenesis: The Historical Discussion of Anabaptist Origins," MQR 49 (Apr.
4) Monogenesis is the belief that the activity of only
It is not that it must be so, but that, if the data warrant it, then the presupposition of such a monogenesis, if you will, can help in understanding forms that are otherwise opaque as to their meaning.
Given his criticism of the three major confessions of his time, he has no sympathy for missions, and he justifies his position by opposing monogenesis (the theory that all humans descended from Adam) and by extending the experience of the discovery of new peoples and continents to the possibility of human populations dwelling on infinitely numerous stars.
Even though the idea of Adam as our common ancestor, monogenesis (mono=sole; genesis=development) is rejected, it is nevertheless maintained that mankind, together with all other animals, share a common ancestor.
REMNANTS OF MYTH AND RITUAL: a discussion of monogenesis or the Aryan myth theory, folktales as remnants of nature myths, and folktales as remnants of other kinds of religious myth and ritual
6) In fact, the monogenesis of the Qur'an is reinforced by the Sunnah of the Prophet, which says that 124,000 messengers of Allah delivered his message to humanity in their own languages.
Of the 9,572,350 Common Shares, 1,402,750 shares and most of the warrants will be issued and sold to Monogenesis Corporation at a price of $0.