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The blonde beauty asserted that she was acting when she said those things, adding that she personally thinks monogamy is an important part of relationships working.
This comparison is not meant as an argument against monogamy or against pornography.
You do not get monogamy unless you already have infanticide, and you do not get a switch to paternal care (by males) if you don't already have monogamy," wrote Dr.
A man's "moral, spiritual, and aesthetic faculties can obtain normal development only when his sexual relations are confined to one woman in the common life and enduring association provided by monogamy," the encyclopedia states.
Plots to destroy monogamy, the Emperorship of America, these are elements featured in Pagan Kennedy's "The Dangerous Joy of Dr.
But I don't think monogamy is a natural instinct for human beings.
Monogamy occurs in only 5% of mammalian species, but is significantly more common in the Euarchonta: primates, dermopterans, and treeshrews (15% spp.
Just like monogamy has failed for many people, so have open relationship.
mutually monogamous ensure protection mutual monogamy will
THE title is an anagram of monogamy - an ironic label for a play in which author Stella Feehily offers explosive phraseology, violence, intercourse and an ever-recurring F word in an excoriating study of marital infidelity.
If we can get the tobacco industry to admit that smoking really isn't good for our youth, and if we can get the alcohol industry to admit that drinking should be done in a responsible manner, then why can't we get advertisers and mass media to help us not only by promoting condom use but by promoting sexual monogamy, which really can turn the tide?
He includes a very clear-headed treatment of Biblical laws about adultery and the status of women [Chapters 8 and 9], monogamy [Chapter 10], and various kinds of "bad sex" such as incest, sodomy, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, and rape [Chapter 13].
It's a most readable, hard-hitting advice column to young women on sexuality, dating, and sex and covers all the basics, from understanding monogamy and sexual risks to contraception--including how to correctly use a condom and assessing problems with their use.
At this summer's international AIDS conference in Toronto, there was barely a mention of the role of abstinence and monogamy in Uganda's striking success.
To prevent STDs, 90% of clinicians reported usually or always recommending that their adolescent patients use condoms, 76% recommended practicing monogamy or limiting the number of sex partners, and 54% recommended abstaining from sex.