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If a brother believes his sexual access to the wife is limited, he is free to partition from the marriage and remarry monogamously.
It says nothing of the genuinely devoted, committed homosexual couples who live monogamously with fidelity and trust.
ANATOMY OF LOVE A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray | HELEN FISHER (1992): Anthropologist Helen Fisher scrutinizes the biological and evolutionary underpinnings of humans' drive to fall in love, pair up monogamously, and cheat in this absorbing and edifying book.
He also makes sharp, if not particularly new, points about constricting aspects of current-day gay life--the obsession with looks and body image; the challenge of living monogamously in a culture of readily available sex.
Predictions were that Aids was going to run rampant through both sexes, endangering anyone who wasn't monogamously married or celibate.
I knew it would cost me my marriage to the woman I had loved monogamously since I was seventeen; I knew it would cost me my home and place in the world; and I feared, above all, that it would cost me my relationships with my children.
However, many of these species do not breed monogamously, indicating the need to understand behavioral and genetic monogamy as separate evolutionary phenomena.
Male and female seahorses mate monogamously within reproductive cycles: the female deposits an entire clutch of eggs into the male's brood pouch (Jones et al.
Just as Ovid in exile discarded dalliance and monogamously celebrated his absent wife, so it would seem that Boethius's apparently final subjugation of the Ovidian celebration of love between man and woman was in some sense defeated after his death.
According to the commercial director of Wales' largest independent retailer Leekes, whether you're committed to kitsch or monogamously minimalist, it's all about making your space serve your lifestyle.
It would have been much better if all the interesting work on metaphor that this book contains had itself not been wedded quite so monogamously in this way to this one particular reading of the book, or at least had sought to justify this particular reading in a serious manner.
There are many cases where brothers sharing a wife split off and (re)marry monogamously.
53 (range, 1-6) and only two household heads remained monogamously married throughout the study.
For example, some evolutionary psychologists have theorized that women everywhere prefer to mate monogamously with men who have lots of resources and status, as a way to ensure the survival of offspring.
Forty mating pairs which mated monogamously from this genetic block were used.