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Monogamously married people are saying, "I'm getting infected.
In an interview with King, Paquin said that she was married to her husband, and they were happy monogamously married, Us Magazine reported.
Individual husbands are unlikely to produce as many offspring as they would or could have had they married monogamously.
We collected information about respondents' age, education (completed high school/at least some college), sexual orientation (gay/bisexual/heterosexual), ethnic and racial identities, coded into four categories--White, Black (African, Afro-Caribbean and Black-Canadian), Asian (South Asian, East Asian, and Southeast Asian), and Other (mixed, Aboriginal, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino), current relationship status (single, monogamously coupled, non-monogamously coupled), HIV status (positive/negative/unknown).
The odds of having had multiple partners were lower among monogamously married men than among never-married men in five countries (odds ratios, 0.
By simply comparing the sexual act of one monogamously committed couple with another, the comparison shows little in the way of moral difference.
With abandon, Writer declares his polyamorous right to love architecture, sculpture, photography, and painting equally alongside the ceramic work with which he seemed monogamously involved for so long.
ANATOMY OF LOVE A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray | HELEN FISHER (1992): Anthropologist Helen Fisher scrutinizes the biological and evolutionary underpinnings of humans' drive to fall in love, pair up monogamously, and cheat in this absorbing and edifying book.
Predictions were that Aids was going to run rampant through both sexes, endangering anyone who wasn't monogamously married or celibate.