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Antonyms for monogamous

(used of relationships and of individuals) having one mate


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We tend to narrow our perspective to the heteronormative and monogamous, but we hardly think about other options.
With unprecedented market change, a more monogamous vendor and distributor relationship has never been more relevant.
The species was largely uniform across that island country, while monogamous plovers there had unique genetic populations.
If he admits he wants to go back to having a monogamous relationship and that's not right for you, then the best thing you can do for both your sakes is to move on, so you both have a chance of happiness.
The researchers used published reports to classify each species as monogamous or not, and then noted whether that species practices infanticide and whether the females live in discrete territories.
They concluded that mammals became monogamous because females had spread out geographically, and so males had to stick close by to fend off the competition.
A closer look at the monogamous mating system of these birds again reveals that all is not what it seems - in every second nest there are chicks that are not related to the care-giving father.
In Malawi, women in polygamous marriages are less likely than their counterparts in monogamous marriages to use modern contraceptives, surveillance data from more than 2,500 couples indicate.
A University of Pennsylvania study found higher birth rates in monogamous owl monkeys as it took too long for new partners to bond.
BRUMMIE women are among the most monogamous in Europe according to a revealing new poll.
Drawing on interviews with people in plural marriages and plural relationships across the US, Kilbride (anthropology, Bryn Mawr College) and Page, a journalist, discuss the rise in alternatives to heterosexual monogamous marriage in America and the West and argue that plural marriage can lower the divorce rate and provide a modern-day safety net for elders and children.
Under the countries monogamous law, he would not be allowed to married, as he is already registered as a married man legally.
Why is it that whenever you run an article about gay couples it only contains interviews with couples who either (1) do not have a monogamous relationship or (2) have a monogamous relationship, but one or both partners are not really happy with it being monogamous?
As Carter states, "the Christian model of lifelong monogamous marriage was not a dominant world view until the late nineteenth century.