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Adolescents are frequently serial monogamists who have a series of short-lived sexual relationships, Dr.
Yet at that time, Christian monogamists composed a minority in the world.
If you enjoy sleeping with numerous partners, fine, but don't label virgins and sexual monogamists as prudish or repressed.
Within the last twelve months, 32/23% of the self-defined monogamists (unmarried) had more than one sexual partner.
Today, we should note, most Zionists are monogamists.
She writes, "pronouncements from the pulpit made it clear that entering plural marriage could bring a higher eternal reward, though monogamists or single people could achieve exaltation if they believed in plural marriage and were willing to practice it but were denied the opportunity.
aspiring monogamists are going against some of the deepest-seated evolutionary inclinations with which biology has endowed most creatures, homo sapiens included" (p.
Research, covering 62 countries, has revealed that most women are serial monogamists who feel ready to end their marriage shortly after the wedding.
But with heterosexuals divorcing and remarrying at a greater rate than ever, many are serial monogamists.
Clor offers as an example a hypothetical society in which one-third are devoted monogamists, one-third polygamists, and the rest are promiscuous hedonists (p.