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someone who practices monogamy (one spouse at a time)

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Although Jolson may be best known as a face-painted minstrel, the serial monogamist was one of the most successful stars of the early 20th Century.
2% of non-tobacco farmers in Iseyin were not having more than one wife while that of monogamist in Atisbo were 29.
In turn-of-the-century Utah, he was also unusual in that he was a monogamist.
He is totally opposed to the waste of one's sacred energies with a crowd of people--he is a monogamist by nature (though he eloped with another man's wife)--and extremely nasty about the inadequacies of anyone who failed to live up to his ideal of permanent marriage.
He's this paranoid, serial monogamist whose girlfriend has been killed, and he doesn't even think about other women.
When Mink Snopes is finally summoned, "He entered not the hot and quenchless bed of a barren and lecherous woman, but the fierce simple cave of a lioness--a tumescence which surrendered nothing and asked no quarter, and which made a monogamist of him forever, as opium and homicide do of those whom they once accept" (H 262-63).
no nymphomaniac in fact had only twelve lovers that we know about but she was a serial monogamist who was usually in love with her favourite of the moment.
Thus, on one side there are those "without sexuality," such as children and representatives of monogamist reproductive sexuality, and on the other side there are the representatives of deviant and nonreproductive sexuality.
001 n 178 33 Table 5 Comparisons by Sexual Subculture for Never-Married Males and Females in 2000 Celibate Monogamist Males Age did not differ 21.
Meanwhile, A Girl is a Girl (1999) maps the trysts of a serial monogamist while rollercoaster follows a group of high risk youth who break into an amusement park With their disaffected characters and gritty outlook, the Pacific New Wave films react against the use of Vancouver as an attractive Hollywood back lot, stressing instead an ambivalent response to urban life.
The romantically inclined Sayre felt like a "closet monogamist.
In such a world it is as permissible to change one's religion as it is to change one's spouse, that is to say, one can be a serial monogamist in the sphere of religion, but simultaneous adherence to more than one religion is viewed with horror as syncretic (i.
Julia Cook in the Asolo Conservatory's "The Monogamist.
If you're a serial monogamist or juggle several relationships at once, you're probably not prepared to commit to one person for the rest of your life.
Why, one wonders again, did an avowed atheist espouse one of the most Christian poets of his time (Eliot), or why did a more than Victorianly prim monogamist enthusiastically support D.