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a lens with a single focus that is used after cataract surgery to provide clear distance vision

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As high contrast is maintained with these IOLs and night vision symptoms are not a concern due to the singular focal zone, monofocal IOLs are suited to patients whose priority is to achieve optimal distance vision as well as night vision.
In a non-randomised clinical trial involving 40 patients (80 eyes), Souza et al5 found that multifocal IOL cataract surgery provided a satisfactory full range of vision, with less spectacle dependence compared with monofocal IOL but with lower contrast sensitivity.
The Tecnis Symfony IOL has proprietary optical features designed to elongate the range of focus of the eye and provide a continuous range of vision at near, intermediate and distance, unlike monofocal IOLs that provide a fixed focus point at one particular distance.
2 logMAR) at 1st week post operatively in monofocal iol group.
Three years after cataract surgery, the incidence of the Nd:YAG procedure for AcrySof monofocal IOLs was nearly two times lower than for non-AcrySof monofocal hydrophobic IOLs (2.
Traditional monofocal IOLs have been limited to improving distance vision.
Caption: Figure 1 Rayner C-flex aspheric monofocal IOL ([c] 2016 Rayner Optical Limited).
The non-rotationally symmetric design of the Lentis MPlus means much of the optic acts as a monofocal IOL, and more light is directed to the distance focus than with conventional refractive IOLs.
Also in April, AMO received CE Mark for the commercial sale of its next-generation Tecnis[R] monofocal IOL in European Union member countries.
9 Million on Tecnis[R] Monofocal IOL and Refractive Implant Growth
We grew our monofocal IOL, refractive IOL and phacoemulsification businesses.
The AMO(r)Array(r) Multifocal IOL is a new generation of IOL which provides distance and intermediate vision comparable to a monofocal IOL, with increased near vision.
Toric IOLs to correct astigmatism also are classified as monofocal IOLs.
Table 16: Tecnis ZM900 Multifocal Intraocular Lens - Comparion Of New-generation Multifocal Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) With Monofocal IOLs.