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having male and female reproductive organs in the same plant or animal

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Many cultivars, especially those selected for stem fiber production, are monoecious (with both male flowers and female flowers, and often with sexually intergradient flowers, on the same plants), or at least substantially so (i.
These adaptations include the gender of the gametophytes, ecology, distribution and duration of gametangia on monoecious prothalli, and longevity of gametophytes and the capacity for vegetative reproduction (Klekowski, 1969; Lloyd, 1974a, b; Masuyama 1975a, b; Soltis and Soltis, 1987).
The family is monoecious and you can see, at this time of year, both male and female flowers on courgettes.
It is monoecious, with separate male and female flowers borne on the same plant on distinct axillary branches, allowing for independent control of allocation to sexes (Payne 1963).
Monoecious plants have male and female flowers on the same plant.
A monoecious form--that is, with both male and female flowers on the same plant--appeared in the mid-Atlantic states years after the dioecious biotype was found in Florida.
indicum), to monoecious with flowers of both sexes (C.
Selecting monoecious strains overcomes the problem of differential maturation times and quality of male and female plants.
arbuti is monoecious anholocyclic on Ericaceae (Arbutus, Arctostaphylos and Pieris) as well as Empetraceae (Empetrum) species and it is primarily European.
Botanically, cucumber is a monoecious, annual, herbaceous and vining plant.
is a seed propagated, day-neutral, monoecious climbing herb that belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae [1].
They encounter words like monoecious and dioecious to describe the arrangement of male and female flowers on trees; perfect, imperfect, or complete to describe the flower; compound or simple to describe the leaves; and other botanical terms for characteristics such as leaf shape, margin, and venation.
Being monoecious it will pollinate itself and may go on to produce some small red or black fruits.
Among monoecious plants, the classification of the plant that supplied the pollen is written first, followed by the classification of the plant that supplied the ovule and developed the seed.