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having male and female reproductive organs in the same plant or animal

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The monoecious oil palm, with its male and female inflorescences flowering at different times and thus dependent on cross pollination (Hardon and Corley, 1976; Syed, 1979; Uhl and Dransfield, 1987), was erroneously thought to be wind pollinated until quite recently (see Syed, 1979).
One basic assumption underlying the computation of the variance of the contributed number of gametes, V(k), for two-stage sampling of monoecious species is that there is no covariance between the number of female and male gametes contributed per individual within a set of monoecious plants.
In this section, we derive some theory for the accumulation of deleterious mutations in a randomly mating monoecious population under some necessarily simplifying assumptions.
In nature, monoecious cumbers first develop male flowers at the lower nodes, later both male and female flowers at various proportions are produced.
Family: Polygonaceae) known as "Bladder dock" or "KhatPalak" is a yearly, glabrous herb, 15-30 cm in size, stretched from the root, with long, elliptic, applaud or elongated leaves and monoecious blossoms.
The flowers were monoecious and pollinated by wind, its individual flowers were either male or female, but both sexes could be found on the same plant, the acorns were 17~25 mm long, 13~18 mm wide, solitary or 2~3 together, and mature in about six months after pollination (1,2).
As discussed in the following paragraphs, male Cannabis plants have also suffered significantly under domestication: (a) humans have created many cultivars that are monoecious (the plants bearing both male and female flowers), but a preponderance of female flowers has been favored; (b) cultivars have been created by hybridization that are entirely female; (c) for narcotics production, male plants are usually eliminated; (d) clones maintained for narcotics production are female.
This monoecious species requires three growing seasons to form mature cones, which start developing during the late summer months following pollination during the period from May-June (Jeffers, 1994).
Asparagus plants are monoecious (I had to look it up) meaning each individual plant is either male or female.
Chilghoza is an evergreen monoecious tree of usually medium size ranging 12 to 18 m tall with 0.
Dorken ME, Barrett SCH (2004) Phenotypic plasticity of vegetative and reproductive traits in monoecious and dioecious populations of Sagittaria latifolia (Alismataceae): a clonal aquatic plant.