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music consisting of a single vocal part (usually with accompaniment)

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The present book is the fruit of his lifelong interest in music prints of the late-Renaissance period, covering in a lucid catalogue more than 300 separate titles of prints of vocal polyphony, early monody, music theory and instrumental music, preserved at Czech libraries, museums, archives and other institutions.
The reference in this quote is to Coleridge's poem entitled Monody on the death of Chatterton (1794), about which Coleridge stated he had worked on "for the whole of his life as a poet" (apud Stewart 2008: 68).
34) When Anna Seward received twelve copies of joshua Smith's An authentic narrative of the causes which led to the death of Major Andre from the printer, in an edition which included her own monody, she wrote, "while I am grateful for your bounty, I blush for its extent," possibly indicative of discomfort at the sense of obligation such generosity might create.
Significantly for my discussion, monad and monody are derived from the same Greek root (monos meaning "single, sole").
For me, one of its most interesting quotations was when he was introducing monody and the transition into the baroque.
Here, Hage (journalism, SUNY) examines their writings, including such topics as the meaning of a friendship of the ambiguities, the friendship monument mountain and the "mosses of primeval nature," loomings found in the early lives of the authors, the haunted mind (of Hawthorne) and the whale (of Melville), and mutual monody.
In the monody, "Io, che l'eta solea viver nel fango," Caccini sets solea as a diphthong, the <-ea> to a single note.
The "most extreme" among the early musical humanists had sought to "return to the naked monody which had been the Greek norm" (Winn 1981: 174), thereby enhancing the audibility of the text, and Fielding himself was well aware that excessive musical embellishment could render words unintelligible.
Turcoman was a brother to Turquoise, and Arab, who thwarted Day by a head on the owner's favourite Monody, was a daughter of Zeal.
T FPMC Fortune carrying containers and diesel oil are expected to take berths at Container Terminal and FOTCO Terminal respectively on Monody, 16th July.
She specializes in early music, mainly Gregorian monody and Baroque music.
In Hecuba's opening monody, she compares herself to a mother bird, screaming over her lost young (Trojan Women 138-150):
His monody on Chatterton is something that was I think his first serious published poem that he worked on and reworked throughout his life.
The expanding importance given to the narratives of women in history and sociology gave to the traditional male monody a vital new bass line (in a sense, the crucial role of demographic reproduction) and a counterbalancing counterpoint (often marked by an alternative subtle and subversive sensibility--a classic in this genre being Ruth Cowan's More Work for Mother) that enriched both disciplines out of recognition.
Therefore, the mathematical models--such as those of Monody kinetics and the kinetics of the first and zero degree of mass balance--form a the whole of the mass equilibrium equations, which describe the processes of bio-filtration in a bio-filter.