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having three unequal crystal axes with one oblique intersection

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Several authors [20-23] have been demonstrated that monoclinic phase is usually found in polyethylene after subsequent tensile or compression deformations.
The important point in this process is the production of tetragonal and cubic zirconia nanoparticles from the initial monoclinic powder.
It then succeeded in developing a new type of zirconia that has both higher flexural strength and fracture toughness and, when exposed to hydrothermal condition, its crystal structure does not change to a monoclinic phase, a common cause of compromised strength.
If sufficient quantities of the metastable tetragonal phase is present, then an applied stress, magnified by the stress concentration at a crack tip, can cause the tetragonal phase to convert to monoclinic, with the associated volume expansion.
Recently, Ng (2009) (29) reported a "second monoclinic modification" for triphenylphosphine oxide hemihydrate, [C.
2003, Structural comparison of Escherichia coli L-asparaginase in two monoclinic space groups," Acta Cryst.
3] forms above 350[degrees]C, has an aluminium concentration between 74-76 atom% and a complex monoclinic, bodycentred cubic structure.
Both syntheses resulted in yellow monoclinic crystals, and Cu-Ka diffraction data sets were collected at 173 K.
2, which indicated that monoclinic scheelite structure was an only XRD-detactable phase for all powders prepared in this experiment.
5) Amphiboles crystallize into two distinct systems, monoclinic and orthorhombic, and are similar to the pyroxenes.
Its monoclinic crystal lattice and flower-like clumps of needles are also the most common form in nature, and it is from rocks bearing anhydrite that water derives its hardness.
In this paper we have discuss the propagation of shear waves in a layered monoclinic medium overlying a monoclinic half space.
Skipping over the technical discussions of the isometric, tetragonal and monoclinic systems, I headed straight to the "Catalogue of American Localities of Minerals," where Dana listed many of our Bay State communities and the geologic treasures they hold.
In the compression test presented here, the monoclinic martensite seems, indeed, relatively negligible, as documented in [25], fig.
The transitions in the crystalline phase are related to the lattice transformation from monoclinic to hexagonal and setting in of torsional oscillations in the polymer chain.