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lens for correcting defective vision in one eye


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I may even rock a monocle that can hilariously plop out every time I express surprise at something.
THE FOUNDERS of Fan Frames, optometrist Paul Gibson and business director Chris Birkett, have teamed up with the founder of the Gadget Shop, Jonathan Elvidge, with the aim of bringing the monocle back into fashion.
Sporting a luxuriant moustache, he wore topper and tails, bow tie, spats and once even attempted a monocle.
Nikkei") Asia's leading business media, announced today that it has agreed a capital and business alliance with Winkontent AG, the publisher of monthly global affairs and lifestyle magazine Monocle, in which Nikkei will take a stake in the London-based magazine.
Just a week ago I received an email from a student who said that a top-hatted man with a monocle peered into her ground floor Duke Street flat one evening.
Researchers at the London-based lifestyle magazine Monocle praised the city's compact planning, its Acents[euro]A"frictionless" transport system and infrastructure, as well as its contemporary buildings, top-notch restaurants and renewed focus on environmental issues.
FAREWELL then, to Fleet Street's great dandified reporter and bon viveur, Brian Vine, who added to the gaiety of his profession by wearing a monocle.
Andre, 23, was a former winner on ITV's Blind Date, when he stunned viewers by wearing a monocle, and he was chosen for the documentary because the producer thought he'd be "good on TV".
Available online and via email, the Marketplace Monocle can be your resource for information on the site's latest deals, user tips and technological developments.
Being demonstrated as well is the new Joint Tactical Air Controller system prototype for dismounted soldiers and the highly successful soldier-worn Aviation Warrior system with eye-level monocle display and 3D Audio.
COMME des Garcons has announced the launch of the first in a series of unique new scent collaborations with style-making publishers Monocle.
Ewart-Biggs, who wore a tinted monocle covering an eye which he lost in the Battle of El Alamein, died when his official car hit a landmine just yards from his residence.
Their latest venture of issuing the red monocle glasses along with film reels is thought to have set the company back pounds 3,000 ago.
Eubank, 31, with trademark monocle, suit and jodhpurs in London as he announced the clash with Manchester- based Thompson, said: "I lived purely on a diet of vegetables.