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lens for correcting defective vision in one eye


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to Proust in his study of the cultural history of the monocle (214).
We are really excited to be in a position to open MONOCLE which will, for the first time, allow us to assess the effects of tefinostat in patients with CMML -- an often-neglected disease," he said.
1 monocle "Maybe this belonged to the guy who left his glass eye behind?
To be fair to Monocle, he has shown glimpses of promise in maidens and I have a feeling he'll enjoy himself stepping up to two miles.
As one watches Angela Merkel influence her European peers, it's no wonder the British magazine, Monocle, placed Germany at number 2 (only after the US) in their rankings of countries with the most soft power or influence.
He later took on the role as general manager at the Park Hyatt Seoul, where he won Monocle Magazine's award for best general manager of the year.
Delivered with a smile, and a monocle made from a sea shell, Chris Eubank quipped: "Of course there is a part of Eubank that wants to get back in the ring with Nigel Benn.
It was accompanied by a picture of a lizard in a top hat and monocle.
Ever have dreams of running your own energy company while wearing a monocle and a top hat?
He makes reference to 'dapper Joe Chamberlain, with orchid and monocle and outspoken republican sentiments, known by the nickname 'the gas and water socialist' because of his contribution to put the city's gas and water supply into municipal ownership.
lizard in formal wear, including top hat and monocle, can still be seen when
I may even rock a monocle that can hilariously plop out every time I express surprise at something.
THE FOUNDERS of Fan Frames, optometrist Paul Gibson and business director Chris Birkett, have teamed up with the founder of the Gadget Shop, Jonathan Elvidge, with the aim of bringing the monocle back into fashion.
Sporting a luxuriant moustache, he wore topper and tails, bow tie, spats and once even attempted a monocle.