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Synonyms for monochrome

painting done in a range of tones of a single color

Related Words

a black-and-white photograph or slide

having or appearing to have only one color

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Then you'll see that the monochrome home wouldn't be out of place in the glossiest of home magazine spreads - and I love it all the more for being so easy to get right.
I love the sheer versatility of monochrome - from the slightly more traditional twist that honeycoloured wood can bring into the kitchen, to the all-out Scandi style direction that can be seen in white wash rooms with pale pine floors.
By expanding Epsons portfolio to incorporate monochrome printing solutions, we are able to provide a portfolio to resellers and IT managers to meet a full range of their office printing needs at an affordable operating cost, said Larry Trevarthen, director, Business Imaging, Epson America, Inc.
Capturing a 1920s look using monochrome can be a smart way to achieve affordable eye-catching opulence, says Chamley.
In s4p7(14)fl14, installed at Melbourne's Penthouse and Pavement gallery in 2001, Graeve engaged this aspect of the monochrome's legacy by suspending two-sided monochrome canvases from the ceiling so that they floated a few centimeters below the gallery's hanging fluorescent-light fixtures.
Also available is the e-STUDIO4511 ($14,325), with a rate of 45 monochrome PPM.
1, the City currently leases a fleet of 30 monochrome multifunction photocopiers for administrative services and there are 31 monochrome multifunction copiers for school groups.
Monochrome laser printers did not enjoy the same success as inkjets during 4Q99.
KM-5050, KM-4050 and KM-3050 Monochrome MFPs Honored with Exclusive "Five-Star, Exceptional" Rating for Design-Forward Innovation and Industry Leading Reliability
Oce (NASDAQ:OCENY) introduced today the Oce North America Corporate Printing Division's cm3521 to deliver high quality monochrome or color output without compromising efficiency and productivity.
She never covers the near-entirety of the ground, as Pollock usually did, knitting together a relatively homogeneous surface; instead she emphasizes the dichotomy of paint and support and the distinction between one line and another by leaving much of the monochrome ground exposed.
SpencerLab now certifies testing compliance with these standards, as well as with the monochrome toner cartridge yield standard, ISO/IEC 19752.
But once noticed, the formal appeal of its streamlined simplicity was impossible to deny--as was its sly reference to monochrome painting.
It prints brilliant, full-color jobs and high-quality monochrome documents.