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Synonyms for monochromatic

(of light or other electromagnetic radiation) having only one wavelength

having or appearing to have only one color

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A semiabstract photo-collage and a deep-blue C-print echoed the work's formal qualities of reflection and flatness, and monochromaticity.
The red monochromaticity extends to the head, suggesting that the palpitations and hot flashes are not just limited to the core of the physical body, but are also inextricably linked to the psyche.
The main advantage of laser radiation, compared to other sources, is its very high intensity, directionality, and where needed, very-high monochromaticity.
Above the threshold, one mode becomes dominant and is characterized by near monochromaticity and high coherence.
Many of the characteristics of laser light, such as its monochromaticity and coherence, are of only indirect significance in processing applications.