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an instrument used to measure the sensitivity of hearing

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However, Ulrich's hypothesis linking the monochord with the hummel is almost solely based on shared similar appearances.
Particularly during the first two decades of Salazarism, the relatively monochord political and cultural establishment reinforced this ideological association between colonialism, progress, and a civilizing mission.
No cross reference is too remote, be it the monochord demonstrating the numeric order of music or the aesthetics of dome structures and catenaries developed by Frei Otto.
At night Under the tent And the monochord guitar The old man sings To Oumar Ba senior, A refrain of the elders Heard of even in Bloomington.
An instrument called the monochord was familiar to the Pythagoreans and is still found in many acoustics laboratories.
In Lab B, your students will recreate an old experiment by turning their guitar into a monochord.
Apart from the ancient art, there is also an ethnographical component of the show, including a monochord and clothing that belonged to the imperial family, provided in cooperation with a museum of ethnography in Vienna that co-organized the event.
Nicholas of Cusa, for instance, wrote that rithmomachia was to arithmetic as the monochord was to music, and the author of the doggerel poem De vetula (ascribed, incongruously, to Ovid in the Middle Ages) described it as the "flower and fruit of arithmetic," (41) not just an aid to its comprehension.
SONIA SLANY Monochord Music (Village Life): Yes, I know it's a pretty small category, but where else can this double CD be placed?
In addition, in the Cursus mathematicus, ii (Sant Angelo, 1668), Caramuel describes the use of the musical line on the pantometer in tuning instruments, although his explanation is confused, for a diatonic monochord with Pythagorean intonation is included in the text, and the musical line in the illustration of the pantometer is divided chromatically according to a system that could correspond only to just intonation or a mean-tone temperament.
Jehan des Murs suggests at the beginning of the second book that a knowledge of the division of the monochord offers promise for understanding of the structure of various instruments as well as for inventing new, unknown ones (pp.
In For Harry, very beautifully shaped electronic tones alternate with what sound like recordings of one of Partch's stringed instruments but were actually derived from a simple monochord instrument that Kenneth constructed.
The monochord "was deliberately designed and built to conduct experiments regarding the relation of the length of the string to the pitch of the sound," Dimarogonas suggests.
Similarly, if one had a single string monochord and plucked the string, it would vibrate and other monochords of the same note but at different octaves would also vibrate--as seen in Figure 7.
In the final section Wood examines allusions to music, performance, and sound within such poems as "The Sea-Limits," "The Monochord," and "For an Allegorical Dance of Women.