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Synonyms for twin

Synonyms for twin

one of a matched pair of things

consisting of two identical or similar related things, parts, or elements

to make or become twice as great

Words related to twin

either of two offspring born at the same time from the same pregnancy

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Gemini

a waterfall in the Snake River in southern Idaho

a duplicate copy

duplicate or match

bring two objects, ideas, or people together

grow as twins

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give birth to twins

being two identical

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Intensive management and early delivery reduce antenatal mortality in monoamniotic twin pregnancies.
Having a set of monoamniotic twins can be dangerous and unpredictable," said Susan Crowe, MD, who led the delivery team and noted that around 20 percent of these twins die from complications due to sharing the same sac.
While their excitement quickly turned to a bit of fear when they learned about the dangers involved with monoamniotic twins, they were comforted knowing that the Center for Maternal and Fetal Health at Packard Children's specializes in these and other types of high-risk pregnancies.
relieved mum Emma Canning with monoamniotic twin Christmas babies Hannah and Sophie.
Five entities--umbilical cord entanglement with monoamniotic twins, velamentous cord insertion, funic presentation, oligohydramnios, and a noncoiled cord--are responsible for almost all cases.