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Synonyms for monk

Synonyms for monk

a male religious living in a cloister and devoting himself to contemplation and prayer and work

United States jazz pianist who was one of the founders of the bebop style (1917-1982)

References in classic literature ?
In the space of five minutes the monk turned around to ascertain whether he was followed or not.
What a horrible face that monk has," said De Guiche.
Be good enough to hurry yourself a little, monsieur monk.
As for Raoul, he avoided the monk by the whole width of the road and passed him, turning his head away in repulsion.
said the monk, raising his right hand in the air, and directing an angry glance by turns at Alice and the eldest sister.
There was a sullen darkness in the sky, and the sun had gone angrily down, tinting the dull clouds with the last traces of his wrath, when the same black monk walked slowly on, with folded arms, within a stone's-throw of the abbey.
With the indifference or abstraction of one well accustomed to the change, the monk glided into the house, and entered a low, dark room.
She glanced at the monk as she spoke, and, opening a cabinet, brought forth the five frames of work, completed long before.
There were indeed few books of any kind, and these few belonged to the monks and priests.
Here in the great hall, when work was done and the evening meal over, were gathered all the monks and their guests.
Here and there, in ornamental alcoves, stretched upon beds of bones, lay dead and dried-up monks, with lank frames dressed in the black robes one sees ordinarily upon priests.
I like to look at statues, however, and I like to look at pictures, also --even of monks looking up in sacred ecstacy, and monks looking down in meditation, and monks skirmishing for something to eat--and therefore I drop ill nature to thank the papal government for so jealously guarding and so industriously gathering up these things; and for permitting me, a stranger and not an entirely friendly one, to roam at will and unmolested among them, charging me nothing, and only requiring that I shall behave myself simply as well as I ought to behave in any other man's house.
I know they will always keep ONE till it's found out,' said Monks.
These fits come over me, now and then,' said Monks, observing his alarm; 'and thunder sometimes brings them on.
Now,' said Monks, when they had all three seated themselves,