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someone who lends money at excessive rates of interest

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The GDN reported in 2010 that Prerna Bahrain had set up a People's Forum Against Interest committee to raise awareness about illegal moneylenders, after a man vanished because he was so indebted to loan sharks.
If they default on interest, an extra two per cent is added to the existing interest rate," said Usman, a moneylender who operates from Sharjah.
Sreeja's father, Varanamkudath Omanakkuttan said the moneylender who was also an Indian, had visited him in Kerala twice a few months ago and complained that his son-in-law did not return 1.
All the men except the moneylender were still in the fields, but the women and girls surrounded him, clapping their hands in delight.
In February 1972, Thomas James, 79, a retired moneylender, was tied up and robbed in Sketty Road, Gowerton, Swansea.
Martalo, he said, would send him to moneylenders because Martalo - dubbed "the Godfather" - wanted to hide his borrowing from wife and business partner Rita.
She runs a self-help group for around 40 women; is a member of a women's cooperative; battles, on behalf of others, with unscrupulous moneylenders and even takes on errant husbands
Shakespeare's dark comedy about Venetian merchants and moneylenders repels and attracts modern audiences.
Gold jewellery can be turned into liquid cash practically over the counter at pawnshops, banks and even the neighbourhood moneylender.
It was HITIC's second failure to make interest payments on time, following a case in late June in which the Chinese nonbank moneylender delayed payment on a different Samurai bond for a full month and was deemed close to declaring a default.
a Tokyo-based ''shoko'' nonbank moneylender, to investigate whether the company's management instructed employees to use illegal methods to improve lending records, police sources said Thursday.
The research found almost one tenth of consumers have approached a moneylender for cash to pay for Christmas, while another 6% would consider using onre one.
Most customers reported a high level of satisfaction with their moneylender, citing ease of availability and convenience as the main reasons.
Currently, the Central Bank provides updates on whether Ireland's 49 licensed moneylender firms are operating within regulations, but stops short of revealing the costs of loans, how many have not been repaid, and the number of customers involved.
Thane, Dec 7 (ANI): A farmer on Monday committed suicide due to bad crops and under the fear of non-payment of debt taken from the moneylender in Maharashtra's Thane District.