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a skilled worker who coins or stamps money

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Most had no names inscribed on them, either of the rulers who ordered them or the moneyers who hammered them by hand into being, but their number expanded noticeably in the early eighth century.
It is unclear what temporal or ecclesiastical authority was responsible for its issue, since the coins carry no identifying features other than a central cross surrounded by the name of the moneyer (although the letter 'A' that appears on earlier East Anglian currencies is featured on the other side).
Although we cannot always be certain that moneyers who share a name are necessarily the same person, it is perhaps significant that not a single one of these men is known to have previously minted for the East Anglian kingdom.
But did the moneyer use a phrase at the regime's behest, or to curry favor?
17) In this context, however, it is worth noting a moneyer of 116 or 115 B.
It was in much m also pound in nnies bore the and that of Crucially, these silver penking's name on the obverse athe moneyer on the reverse.
Demonstrations of arms, armour and use of artefacts punctuate the continuous living history and display, and craftspeople such as the leatherworker, clothier, moneyer and physician are also on hand to discuss their skills, 12 noon - 4pm.
Licinius Nerva (RE 135), who was moneyer in 113 or 112 (RRC no.