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Synonyms for moneyed

Synonyms for moneyed

possessing a large amount of money, land, or other material possessions

Synonyms for moneyed

based on or arising from the possession of money or wealth



having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value

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But Sanders has made a career of criticizing the moneyed elites.
He asks: How can the media inform public opinion without going against moneyed interests?
The research found that more than a fifth of these moneyed winners had studied the subject at university level.
Meanwhile, a mayor from this province's second district said, that this is becoming a nefarious scheme among moneyed but dirty politicians.
The moneyed people enjoying the best of everything while their workers sometimes were not paid at all, when money was short and no way to feed their families.
Advocate Lodhi said the reclaimed land is being turned into commercial and residential projects that can suit only the moneyed class.
And if we find, too, a certain naivete in the psychology in the illustration of how women really always get their own way, and how prosaic, moneyed age always regards romantic youth, it is none the less interesting.
He welcomed Ahmad's gesture and urged all moneyed individuals to take a page out of his book.
A brittle and witty examination of the UK's smug, moneyed, arty middle classes.
According to the Mirror, although the Anfield side did not make any signing in the winter transfer window and bought only cut-price squad players last summer unlike the moneyed elite of the league, however, it has not stopped Rodgers from providing such a serious challenge to title favourites City and Chelsea.
Our Prime Minister's moneyed, public school pals were perching like vultures waiting for this moment.
A new Italian tax on pleasure vessels has caused many moneyed Italians to set sail for nearby Montenegro, where they can keep their assets afloat for less.
I just wondered why we can't have more Salman Khan's in this country brimming with moneyed netas.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul are a quite comfortable couple - she's a teacher and he comes from a moneyed family - who have started taking a few drinks too many.
They have lost only one of their last ten matches - an overtime defeat to plucky Sibir last week - and they landed a real coup by snatching NHL superstar Alex Ovechkin from under the noses of moneyed cross-town rivals CSKA Moscow.