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southeastern European plant cultivated for its fragrant purplish flowers and round flat papery silver-white seedpods that are used for indoor decoration

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They covered Styrofoam balls in curly fiver birch bark and money plant, a filmy, white, coin-shaped material.
Wild Resources staff member Gareth Wyn Jones in the company's offices - and money plant
In addition to having their money plant trees in forest restoration projects nationwide, the students earned seven seedlings to plant on campus.
It grows on biennials--specifically on one called money plant (Lunaria annua), which, in spite of its species name, doesn't blossom every year.
Hanging glass terrarium with money plant, [euro]16.
Varieties that will thrive include small ferns (in six or nine-inch pots) succulents such as flaming Katy or a money plant, with their fleshy, rubbery leaves.
If we change the water in water tank, bottles, bath tubs, money plant, flower pots etc.
The plants are all lunaria, known as money plant, a woodland herb.
THE money plant is so easy to look after it's almost impossible to kill off.
Barr's Hill pupil Kieran Brown, 13, said he already had a money plant at home and helped his nan in the garden.
Reviewing the progress of Anti-Dengue Campaign in a meeting held here at CDA Headquarters, the Chairman said the residents of the federal capital must take precautionary measures like changing the water in water tank, bottles, bath tubs, money plant, flower pots etc.
Then, there was chlorophythum, money plant and also tulips.
Lord Mayor Ken Taylor wanted the panellists' advice on what to plant on a south-facing pagoda for all-year-round colour, while other questions ranged from advice on how to liven up a wilting money plant, to the problems of parsnips being plagued by giant bugs.
Mystery of a bereaved house plantMY husband was given a money plant when he retired and he looked after it until he passed away, aged 78.
Also, says Maria, a money plant in the east or south east corner of a room could prove to be a good investment.