money laundering

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concealing the source of illegally gotten money

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The ongoing case following the arrest of the model on March 14 was confirmed by customs officials to be a money laundering case which was previously said to be a currency smuggling case.
In addition to identifying countries as major sources of precursor chemicals used in the production of illicit narcotics, the INCSR is mandated to identify major money laundering countries (FAA [section]489(a)(3)(C)).
Recently, the UAE Federal National Council's (FNC) Financial and Economic Affairs Committee announced changes in its key money laundering legislation.
Asked whether the government is willing to accept an inspection by an EU team to ascertain whether there is money laundering activities in Cyprus, Stephanou said that "Cyprus has never refused supervision or evaluation by authorized agencies and their designated committees of international or European organizations".
Money laundering is, in simple terms, a process of concealing the source of illegally obtained money so that it appears that the money originated from a legitimate source.
The conferees called for the implementation of awareness campaigns that deal with the risks and damages associated with money laundering and terror financing at all levels and follow up of global developments in the fight against these crimes together with the necessity of updating interstate legislation on how to deter such crimes.
Racing's got a lot more to worry about than if there are any isolated cases of money laundering.
In December 2007, Estonia was the first of the three nations to implement the EU's third anti-money laundering directive 2005/60/EC, with the passage of a Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act 2007.
Coun Alan Napier, Durham County Council's Cabinet Member for Resources, said: "The council cannot be considered immune from the risks surrounding money laundering and it is extremely important that we have clear guidelines for protecting ourselves and our staff.
Mustafa Taha Nasr, director in the Center of Media and Economic Studies and author of a study presented at the seminar, said that Yemen needs a comprehensive vision about money laundering and appropriate mechanisms in fighting it.
Transactions done ordinary people were not money laundering unless the money transferred was linked to certain category of crimes called predicate offence," he added.
Insider Dealing and Money Laundering in the EU: Law and Regulation Author: R C H Alexander Publisher: Ashgate Price: 55 [pounds sterling] ISBN: 978 0 7546 4926 7
In the immediate aftermath of September 11, 2001, many experienced intelligence officers did not understand the concept of hawala, and few knew what it actually represented in the context of money laundering and terrorism financing.
Dowling, a former senior policy advisor to the White House Drug Policy Office, will work from the Los Angeles office on fraud and money laundering issues.
com, provide daily news and analysis of anti-money laundering regulations and reference information on money laundering laws, regulations, international developments and government action.